Monday, January 27, 2014

Impromptu Mattress

Shane and I went on a date on Friday night to celebrate the weekend. We headed to Applebee's, and the parking lot was packed. We found a parking space on the other side of the shopping center near a Mattress Firm. I asked Shane if we could go inside "just to lay on one", but my fingers were crossed that he would fall in love! Sure enough... 30 minutes later we had a brand new mattress that was long overdue. I am SO excited! It was delivered on Sunday, and when I got back from visiting a neighbor, Shane had washed the sheets and made then bed! 

Last night, we both slept well. I am sick with a cold now, but I still felt well-rested when I woke up this morning for work. We both noticed that we didn't move much throughout the night, and neither of us were sore this morning when we woke up! 

I have been putting off getting an adjustment from my Uncle Tony because I thought, "What's the point in getting adjusted just to go home and sleep on a 20 year old mattress". Now, I cant wait to get aligned and enjoy our new Serta mattress! 

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