Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Survey

One of our friends recently did a survey on her blog, and I thought it would be fun to do one at the start of each new year to see how the times change. Here we go... 

Making memories is my goal. I love hosting and spending time with loved ones to create memories we can cherish for years to come.
Cooking a
yummy chowder in the crockpot. I ALWAYS use the crockpot because it works best with my long work days. (Thank you to my friend Cami for the recipe)
Drinking Coke Zero… I need caffeine in the morning.
Reading emails… hundreds of work emails. Lean In is on my bedside table waiting for me.
Wanting to decorate another room in the house. I love crafting and decorating.  
Looking forward to Shane saying we can a get puppy! 
Playing with my nieces and nephews this weekend will be oh so fun! 
Wasting energy on trivial matters is a thing of the past. 
Sewing lessons are in my future. My sewing machine that Shane gave me LAST year is still in the box.
Wishing my newly engaged friend, Jennifer, a lifetime of happiness!
Enjoying being DINKs… for now ;)
Waiting ‘till March so I can plan Shane’s birthday party!
Liking that my hair is finally growing out… I feel like it has taken FOREVER to grow out the stacked bob.   
Wondering what is going to happen next season on Scandal (our favorite TV show) 
Loving our doggies and our neighbors!
Admiring how supportive and loving my entire family is… especially during difficult times! 
Needing... hmm. This one stumped me. I can't say that I NEED anything that I don't have. This is such a blessing because I have prayed countless times for contentment in my life. God is so good.
Wearing a suit and panty hose :/ #workingwoman
Following celebrities on Instagram is my guilty pleasure.
Noticing how much Shane makes me laugh lately! 
Knowing that I am blessed with more than I deserve. 
Thinking I need a day at the spa with my girls. A massage and facial are in my future!
Listening to the space heater in my office… it is always freezing in here! I have also been listening to comedians on Pandora during my commute.
Bookmarking new recipes in my cookbook. Hey... ya gotta learn sometime.
Opening a New Year with a lot of optimism.  
Giggling about all of the quirky things that Shane loves to pick on me about. 
Feeling excited to pick up Tina, JuJu and Mak from the airport tonight!
Missing: My Uncle Greg who we will bury tomorrow. 

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