Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with emotions and family. My sisters and their husbands stayed at our house for the funeral and for the Denmark Family Christmas at Papa and Peggy's house. Shane and the boys had a lot of fun... maybe even too much ;) I LOVED having my sisters at my house, and I was able to spend a lot of time with Makenzie, too!

Lissa and Jason drove in on Wednesday. I made chili for dinner, and we laughed and caught up on our busy lives. After work on Thursday, I came home and we all ate dinner together. T & J's flights was delayed, but it worked out so I wan't rushed to go get them from the airport.

Friday morning, Justin (the chef of the family) made breakfast, and it was delicious! It was nice to all eat together :) The funeral was very peaceful and beautiful, and we all spent time together at Alison's house later that night.

Saturday we had the Denmark Family Christmas at Papa and Peggy's house. I snapped a bunch of pictures on my phone!

Shane and I LOVE playing with these two

My cousin Mike met Mak

Sam wanted to Facetime his mommy to find out where she was! 

Reese is so much fun!

These two are so goofy!

This is the first time that all of my siblings, our spouses and the grandkids were together since Mak was born! How fun!

We took A LOT of family pictures!

Mak was such a trooper!

We played Guess Who!?

Rowan loves holding Makenzie!

Reese wanted to snuggle! 

Papa said he couldn't go to college when he was younger, so he bought a sweatshirt! Haha... he is too funny!

Sunday, we slept 'till 11:00! We were so exhausted from all of the weekend plans. We went to visit baby Luke for the first time, and then went to see Nana who is still in rehab. After visiting Nana, we headed to Cindilu and Bill's house where Shane cut down some trees for firewood. The low today is 5 degrees, so I am thankful we will have a warm fire after our weekly date night!

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