Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday, Sabrina!

I had the best time celebrating Sabrina! She is such an incredible person, and she is far too humble to get the appreciation that she so deserves. I really enjoyed setting up for the party with all of her friends. It was so sweet to spend time prepping with so many people who love Sabrina ALMOST as much as I do J

When I sent my email response that I would be attending the party, Sabrina told Roan, “Aunt C is coming to my party!” Rowan exclaimed, “Aunt C loves me all the time!” Haha… I’m not sure if that means I love her a lot or I love her forever… but either way she is correct! I would sell my soul to the devil for that sweet little trouble maker!

This guy told me I wasn't tone deaf!!! 

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