Monday, June 22, 2015

Random Recap

After over two months without a single post, the best way to update the blog is by yet another random recap. Fail! 

Here is my attempt to cover all the bases. 

Shane joined a team of our neighbors and participated in the Savage Race. The wives had fun drinking mimosas and cheering for our hubbies. 

Shane lost about 40 pounds training for this race. I was so proud of his hard work and dedication! 

^^^ HOTTIE!! 

My parents came to spend time with us, and we showed my mama the Mimi tree. 

I went to Boston for work, and it is one of my favorite cities. The architecture is gorgeous! 

On the flight home, I set next to Frankie Ballard. He was super nice. 

We were able to go to Covington to The Boyd's' Annual Fish Fry. It was so great to spend time with them and see all of the kids! They had fun playing with Mr. Shane (the man in the striped shirt and baseball hat)

Our neighbors were so generous to invite us out on the lake with them. It was nice to escape reality and have some fun in the sun. 

As always, I can't write a post without pictures of our babies!

We have been doing a lot of projects around the house to get it back just the way I like it (clean, organized and welcoming)

The front door was weathered and needed a fresh coat of stain. 

Shane and I worked together to sand and stain it. I am not lying when I say there is nothing this man can't do! He amazes me!

I had a work trip in Houston and rushed back to make it to Rowan's preschool graduation. It was worth the exhaustion to see her face light up when she saw me. 

How precious is her sweet smile?

Shane had to work, so he wan't able to make it, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world! 

On the weekends, Shane and I sleep as late as possible. Sweet Rocky always comes and shoves his face right by mine. 

That same weekend, we went with our neighbors to Shaky Boots music festival. It was so fun! 

Then I headed back to Gwinnett to take Rowan to see The Little Mermaid ballet. She loved the show, and it was fun to spend time with my mama and Munca! 

We bought a pool table for the "man room", and Shane made a really cool light to hang above it. 

Like I said... there is not a thing this man is not capable of! 

He saved money by buying lamps at Goodwill instead of buying a lamp kit at Home Depot. 

He took a break from his project to hang out poolside with Russell. It was so great to see him! 

Here is the light! He used Buffalo Trace whiskey bottles. 

We hosted a cookout at our house to celebrate David's birthday.

Munca was pleased to save her stamp since she hand-delivered her birthday card to David. (She really will re-use the stamp)

Shane set up our tent in the backyard for the kids to play in. 

We made s'mores, and then David and Sabrina headed home while the kids stayed for a slumber party. 

Rowan wants to be a chef when she grows up, so she helped me make breakfast. 

Let's just say she will be a very distracted chef. It took about two minutes before she was ready to play outside, or play dress up with Polly, or attempt to wake Shane up (again!), or want to color... the list goes on! 

Both the kids helped make Favorite Aunt Cathy's banana nut bread. It was really yummy, and Shane took it to work to share with his new co-workers. Isaiah was exited to add chocolate chips! 

After cleaning up, we played at the house and then walked in the new section of our neighborhood. The kids liked walking through the houses. 

Then we were off to the pool. 

We packed a picnic and ate by the pool. 

Then we went to the playground before it was time to take the kids back home. 

^^^ Another random picture of Rocko and Paw Paw 

After a business trip to Dallas, I flew up to Kansas to surprise Lissa for her 30th birthday. I flew in on Thursday night, and Tina picked me up from the airport. 

We met up with Justin after picking up Makenzie, and then we headed to dinner. 

The next day, we helped at Mak's school. It was exhausting. So many kids everywhere...yelling, crying, screaming, laughing, biting! Oh my goodness, I am tired just thinking about it! 

While Tina and I were at "field day", my parents and Alison flew in for the surprise. 

Mimi was so excited to see Mak. 

And Mak loved seeing Dada. 

Tina left Mak with a babysitter that night, and we headed to The Plaza for the surprise. 

Lissa thought that Jason was taking her out for a nice dinner (which he was) but she had no idea we were all there! 

She laughed and cried! It was such a sweet surprise!

It is rare that we can all spend time together, so I was grateful for this night. 

It was so fun celebrating her #dirtythirty. 

Makenzie loves playing with he baby doll. She drops her a lot and picks her up by the pacifier, but besides that she is sweet with her. She could use a little more practice before her baby brother or sister comes in December! I can finally announce on social media that Tina and Justin are expecting another baby! :) 

Mak had fun helping me get ready for the party! I don't know that Juju was so happy about the makeup, but that's what aunts are for! 

Mak likes to take her clothes off, and she doesn't mind where she is. Around the house, at the dinner table, Target, etc. She is a wild child for sure!

She loves Jason. I think he is her favorite (for now at least!)

Shane and I went on a double date on Friday night to PF Chang. It was so fun to spend time with Brooks and Christina. 

I snapped this sweet picture of Rocky and Polly staring at each other. These two are inseparable! 

We spent the weekend doing things around the house and we went to the pool for a bit. 
It was a low key and productive weekend. I got a facial and ran some errands. 
I did a lot of packing for my girl's beach trip. I can't wait to spend the week in Seaside with my best friends celebrating Ashley! We have a lot of fun things in store for the bride-to-be! 

Until next time...