Saturday, October 12, 2013

Throwback: Honeymoon

Shane and I got married on a Saturday, and we flew out of town for our honeymoon on a Monday. I totally recommend giving yourself that extra day to relax and spend time together before going on your trip!

I also recommend keeping a journal or taking notes while you are on the trip. We vowed not to use our phones during the trip, but I did jot down little notes in the memo app on Shane's phone so that we could remember as much as possible.

We took flight 44 to Cancun, and it was my first time out of the country! It was my first time needing a passport, and my first time being a foreigner. When we landed, they said "Welcome to paradise!", and THAT was an understatement.

By the time we arrived to the resort, we were starving. We ate before we even went up to our room! We saw a monkey names Coco, and I loved watching all of the people from all of the world.

Throughout the trip we ate SO MUCH amazing food and drank fruity drinks. We shopped, and relaxed by the pool and beach We met some great couples, and took cooking lessons. We had a couples massage, we swam with dolphins. We watched a fire show, and went to Hooters to watch the UGA game. (It was the only place that played real football in Mexico!) We went parasailing, but the photographer never delivered our pictures :( We swam with dolphins and held several different animals.

We were so blessed to have taken such an incredible trip. It rained several times, but overall the weather was gorgeous.

Here are some of our favorite pictures that describe the wonderful memories we made!

I packed a whole suitcase of JUST shoes. #yolo

The view from our room in the "Preferred Tower"

Like I said... welcome to paradise

Rookie mistake: We thought an all inclusive resort would have SPF. Boy were we wrong!

Waiting for our couples massage

I love this face...

Authentic Mexican show


Out tab at Hooters was 1198 pesos! 

Our waiter was so loud and animated. He sang mariachi! 

Fire show with the friends we met

Alex and Nicole are on the far left, and Sheri and John are in the middle. 

The Honeymooners