Monday, September 28, 2015

The Bradford Pair

This past weekend, one of my dearest friends got married. It was such a fun weekend filled with love and laughter. I couldn't be happier for Ashley and Seth! Ashley is the most incredible step-mama to two beautiful littler girls, and they think "my Ashley" hung the moon. It is the sweetest thing to watch them follow her around everywhere and hug and kiss her! What a blessing!

Here are some pictures from the weekend. 

Getting ready for the rehearsal :) 

She loved dancing and singing in the car. She felt like such a big girl! 

Best rehearsal dinner ever! A food truck --- what a fun idea! 

The last kiss :) 

Ashley loved her scrapbook filled with letters and pictures from her family and bridesmaids. 

The view from the bridal suite was phenomenal!

^^^ Diva status.

^^^ She loved wearing Ashley's shoes. 

^^^ Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride?! She was stunning! 

^^^ Lots of love 

^^^ She loved this purse! 

I was so honored to be apart of her special day! 

Shane and I had a great time! 

The food was AMAZING! 

Ashley's parents are so adorable! 

My hair took forever to take out, but it looked so cool! 

Shane shared a snapchat with the bride. We love our Ashley! 

We had such a blast! We can't wait to go on a little mini vacation with the newlyweds in November.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cabin Weekend

Shane and I helped our friends move some furniture to and from their cabin this weekend. It was a great excuse to spend some quality time with them in the mountains. The weather was gorgeous. We love spending time with Angela and Steve, and we definitely love going to their home away from home. Angela said it best -- "The only thing better than having a cabin is having friends that have a cabin" Haha! So true!

^^ Steve and Shane

^^ It was so nice to escape from reality and relax all weekend. 

We went to Mercier's Apple Orchard on Saturday morning, and I couldn't leave the store without this sign. It gave me chills when I read it, and it is a must have for our home.

^^ I plan to write the date on the back of the sign so we can pass it down in our family. 

^^ Let's start by saying that Shane is far too shy and humble to enjoy having his picture taken, but I am obsessed with taking candid shots of this man. I love sneaking pictures of him, and he has learned to tolerate it. 

When I look back through pictures of my loved ones, I prefer candid shots over posed shots because that is the way you actually remember the person. The way he stands, the expression on his face, the subtle grin... those are the moments to capture. 

^^^ It was a great weekend to lounge around and watch football! 

^^ These three white doggies love Shane! 

^^^ My dear Angela 
I love this women and enjoy every moment we spend together. She has the most generous heart and is absolutely hilarious! I always say I want to grow up and be like Angela! Haha :)

Cheers to great memories with great people! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Work Life Balance... Say Whaaatt?

I am absolutely loving my new job! I am very interested in learning the Project Management industry, and I know the company will be such a great fit for me. Shane has really taught me to work to live rather than live to work, and I am SO grateful that I have reasonable work hours and a job so close to home. 

I am able to sleep until 8:00 a.m. and get to work by 8:30. I am home by 5:15 and even have a full hour lunch break. I have enjoyed going home during my lunch break and spending time with the dogs. I will take them on a quick walk or play with them in the backyard. It also gives me a chance to set out something for dinner or start a load of laundry. It is CRAZY to have so much free time. 

I have been able to work out, run an errand or two and still have dinner on the stove before Shane even walks in the door. I have really enjoyed showing him my love through acts of service! I am so appreciative of Shane's unwavering support throughout my career! He is the best! 

This past weekend we hosted our annual football party. Several of my friends weren't able to come, but the house was packed with our incredible neighbors! Sunday we ran errands and took an afternoon drive to visit my Aunt Alison. I have loved the convertible in this gorgeous weather! Everyone NEEDS a convertible! :) 

The dogs have loved the weather, too. It makes me so happy that they are able to go outside and play during my lunch break!

^^^ This was too cute not to share

Tonight I am going out to dinner with a group of ladies from the neighborhood! It will be so fun to spend time with them. I was rarely able to attend any weeknight events because I was always stuck in terrible ATL traffic, but I don't have to worry about that anymore! Whoo hoo!

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Week Between

In the little time that I had to update the blog, I know I have mentioned how busy I have been with work, business travel and my 3 hour round-trip commute. I am thrilled to announce that I have found an incredible new job at a company just 3 miles from our home. It will be such a blessing. 

It was an honor to work as the Regional Marketing Coordinator for the largest labor and employment law firm in the nation, but I have elected to change industries and make a balanced life more of a priority. I will now be working at a local company in the Project Management industry. While my career is still a priority, I have determined that I would not be able to balance other priorities with that role. I know this new position will allow for a better work-life balance and for that I am so grateful! 

What will I do with all of this free time?? Well I was able to have a lot of free time this past week, and I used it to be productive. It feels great to catch up on all of the things I never had time to do when I was so busy with my career. 

The new company asked that I start at the beginning of a pay period, but my two weeks notice at my old company didn't match up with the time frame and it has been incredible to have an entire week off with no work emails flooding my inbox! I have never had a true week off without work emails or work emergencies. I thought I would get stir crazy, but really I am enjoying being productive at a leisurely pace :) 

Last Friday was my last day, and Shane took me out to dinner to celebrate. Saturday I went to the store and saw a few friends that invited us to a football party in the neighborhood. We spent the weekend eating, drinking and cheering on the Dawgs! 

After hosting a Rodan & Fields party at my house, we went to another neighbor's house for "Driveway Drinking" where we all hangout in their driveway so all the kids can run wild. They ran wild all right... all over Mr. Shane. 

On Sunday I went to the pool to enjoy some time off while Shane worked on a house project. 

Shane was off work on Monday for Labor Day, so it was fun to spend an extra day together. We had a great day at the pool. We had fun with the neighborhood corn hole tournament. (We have such an incredible neighborhood!) 

I went for a jog on Monday night and then took the doggies for a walk. It was refreshing, but I am STILL sore. I am literally SO out of shape. I never work out. I plan to use some of my new-found free time to get in a healthier routine. 

On Tuesday, I drove to Grayson to take Munca to lunch for her birthday. I had a few things to do on that side of town, so I spent the night with my parents.That evening, we were able to FaceTime with Lissa and Jason and they announced they are having a girl!! Both of my sisters are pregnant with girls, and I am thrilled! I now have 4 nieces and a nephew!!

On Wednesday, I went to my mom's school (which Rowan calls Mimi's school) and surprised her for lunch. After bringing my mom a Starbucks and meeting her third graders I waited in the hall outside of the cafeteria for Rowan's class. She was the line leader, so as soon as she turned the corner she saw me. She look shocked and yelled, "Celeste!!!!" Her reaction shocked me because she has always called me Aunt C. I gave her a big hug and picked her up and she burst into tears. When I asked her why she was crying, she said, "because you are my best friend"

How freakin' sweet! I am so in love with my sweet Ro! She was thrilled to show me how she walks through the line and picks out her lunch. 

I gave her ice cream money for later in the week, and she seemed to like that!

Later that day, I had a dentist appointment that took longer than expected so I was able to meet my grandparents for dinner. It worked out perfect because I was able to spend time with them and miss all of traffic. :) We are excited to celebrate Papa's 85th birthday next month. Ms. Peggy's mom turns 99 soon! Can you believe that?!

I have crossed so much off of my to do list, and I am so grateful to have more free time to stay caught up. Today I am running errands to get ready for our annual football party (We always host a party at our house for the first UGA away game).

I start my new job on Monday, and I have a feeling that it will be great! 


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Catch Up Post

Hello All! :) 

Once again, I have failed at keeping up with the blog, but here is my valiant attempt to catch everyone up to speed. 

This summer was a bit crazy, but I was so thankful for a trip to the beach with the best friends in the world. 

Shane and I celebrate our 5 year dating anniversary at the beginning of July. I love that our anniversary is over a holiday weekend because we always have time to celebrate!

I can't believe we will be celebrating 3 years of marriage at the end of this month! Where has the time gone? We are loving our time together as a couple before we have kiddos. 

^^^ These dogs are so adorable! 

I love when Shane writes me sweet notes on the mirror. 

Typical Rock-O! His drool is all over our house. Our poor housekeeper :( 

We were so thrilled to meet Gatlin and spend time with Russell and his family. Shane looks like a natural holding 3 babies! 

Both of my sisters are pregnant right now, and we are loving being Aunt C and Uncle Shane. We spend out free time sleeping, traveling and going on weekly dates! I know when we do have kids we will be so thankful for this time together. It is so fun to be married to your best friend! 

Shane and I both traded in our Prius for a new car. I got a convertible and he got a truck :) I have always wanted a convertible, so I have really enjoyed it!

I love spending summer days by the pool, and I really love when Shane joins me! He normally prefers to work on a project or do something productive, but sometimes I can convince him to chill poolside! 

There are hundred of pictures of our dogs on my phone... I think I am obsessed! 

They love when we lay on the floor with them. They would cuddle all day! 

We took the to Lake Acworth recently. It is just 10 minutes from our house, and they got to ride in the back of the truck! 

When we brought them home, we bathed them and brushed Polly. Our yard was covered in her hair! 

My sweet Rowan started Kindergarten (and you better believe I cried)

We went to my parents the day before the kids went back to school. I gave them each a present and ice cream money. When I asked Rowan what she was most excited about in regards to starting "Mimi's school" I thought she would say something about her friends or recess, but this prissy little thing said she was most excited that her hair was straight for school. Sabrina spent a few hours straightening it for her, and when we walked past the pool that evening she said "No one get my hair wet!" Haha! 

^^ Our sweet Paw Paw

Shane and I are normally worn out by Friday evenings (which is why we do our weekly date night on Monday nights), but one Friday night we were having a drink on the back porch and he wanted to go up to the pool. We were the only ones up there, and we had so much fun hanging out and listening to music! We ended up going to a neighbors that night and spending time with our friends which was a fun way to start off the weekend. 

Our Saturdays are normally pretty lazy in the morning. I let Rock sneak on the sofa if Shane is still sleeping. He can hear when Shane is coming downstairs, and his eyes get so wide and he gets a nervous/frantic look on his face. Haha! 

We went to Ashley and Seth's wedding shower recently and had so much fun. Our sweet neighbors took care of the dogs so we could spend the night at the party. (We literally have the best neighbors in the world! We have 10-12 couples that we just adore!) 

I am so thankful for these friends of mine! 

I am stoked that Candace has moved back from Chicago! Our group is now complete again! 

We celebrated baby Claire's first birthday. Shane and I gave her a bottle of wine to be opened for a toast on her wedding day. Jennifer cried when she read the card. It was so sweet to spend time with her family. :) Jennifer was my first boss, and has mentored me both personally and professionally since day one! Oh how I love my Jennifer! 

Our housekeeper came this weekend, and we wanted to get out of the house so we weren't in her way. We ran errands and went shopping, and then we went to see Jurassic World in 3D. It was so cool! I really enjoyed it! 

That evening we played with Jackson and Bryson, and they enjoyed taking a ride in the convertible :) 

Bryson lost his first tooth! 

Our fall is filling up fast with weddings, showers, a trip to the mountains and to Jamaica... the calendar is filled with lots of exciting things! So much to be thankful for! 

Until next time...