Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The first of many...

Hello world. 

A bit narcissistic I feel creating a blog about my own life. You see, it is nothing shy of average. Despite the normalcy I live, my life is all I could ever dream of. I have an incredible husband who is too humble to have a blog about his own life. We are living proof that opposites attract. I love that he is the smartest person I know. I am in awe of his kind-nature and his sheepish grin melts my heart. All of our children (thus far) have paws.  Polly is gentle and sweet while Rocky is as hyper as they come. They are well trained and loyal (thanks to Shane) and their dog hair covers our beautiful home. Shane and I have been married just over 7 months, and our lives have already begun to evolve. I know God's grace is upon us, and my fingers are crossed that one day our children will look back on this blog and realize we aren't so bad after all. 

I live to make others smile with what I like to call "intentional acts of kindness". I strive to grow daily in my relationship with Christ, and crossing things off my never-ending bucket list is a top priority. I attempt to be domestic by cooking and cleaning (I even have an alter ego named "Roshelle"), but I would much rather be soaking up some rays, making crafts with my girlfriends, or watching trash TV. I am... well let's just admit it... a bit obsessed with the Kardashians ...hence the name of my blog. Nothing makes my husband roll his eyes more than the reality shows I watch. Bless his heart. I, on the other hand, am perfectly content curled up in a pair of over-sized sweats wasting the day away watching E!. I sing off key, have an inordinate amount of shoes, and get distracted by anything and everything. I am quirky and random. I paint my nails bright colors and have more tattoos than my Momma can stand. I tell my Mom more than she needs to know on a regular basis, but after all, that's what best friends are for. I am the twinkle in my Daddy's eye, the favorite little sister to 3 siblings and love nothing more than spoiling my nieces and nephew. I believe in the power of prayer, and feel sure that I am blessed with more than I deserve. 

I know some viewing this blog are those I hold dearest to my heart, while other lurkers I have not even met. But my greatest hope is that each of you find a bit of entertainment in my crazy life. I intend to track the good and the ... better. A positive spin never hurt anyone. Here's to my first blog post... the first of many. 

The Rookie Blogger