Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Update

Friday was so much fun! After work, I met Shawna and Cindilu at the most adorable Wine Boutique in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time chatting and tasting wine. It was so fun to spend time with the two of them!

When I got home on Friday night, Shane was cuddled up with Macy on the sofa. It is safe to say that he LOVES this cat, and she is obsessed with him, too!

Saturday, we dropped Shane's car off for an oil change. My girlfriend, Mali, came over in the afternoon, and I had a blast catching up with her! We laughed and finished each other's ridiculous thoughts just like we always do :) When she left, Shane and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took the dogs for a walk. We love walking through the neighborhood and admiring the landscaping of our neighbors' yards and seeing the progress of the newer homes. I was glad we were able to take the dogs with us, because I really don't want them to get jealous of Macy. We let the dogs ride with us in the car to get the oil changed, too! They love car rides!

Macy and the dogs are allowed supervised visitation after a little incident where Rocky chased Macy up the stairs and scared her to death! She had an accident on the floor because she was so terrified. Poor thing. We are definitely making progress though. She only hisses at the dogs an average of two times per minute now.

Sunday I slept until 12:45! I must have been exhausted. When I woke up, Shane had done 4 loads of laundry and the dishes and was about to start working in the yard! Oh how I appreciate him SO much! I went to the grocery story, and came home and prepared some meals for the upcoming week. I made baked ziti for dinner because that is one of Shane's favorites.

We are looking forward to a long weekend this weekend. We are going to the mountain house with our sweet neighbors, and we can't wait!

^^ Shane would NEVER let the dogs do this! He is such a softy for this cat! 

She hugs him like this for minutes at a time while rubbing her little head against his beard. 

When I first asked Shane if we could have the cat, he agreed but made it very clear that the same rules we have for the dogs would apply to the cat. He said she wasn't allow on the bed, she could only eat once per day, etc. Last night when I picked Macy up to put her outside the room for the night, he said, "Why can't she just stay in the bed with us?"

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