Friday, July 13, 2018

Random Favorites (June)

The dishes are piling up, laundry is never-ending, toys are everywhere, the AC guy should be here any minute, I have a handful of errands to run and still have not had lunch -- but Canaan just fell asleep and I am determined to use this pocket of free time to update the blog because I know we will love looking back at this special season of life. 

The most efficient way to document everything as much as possible is through the "Random Favorite" updates where I just import all the cutest pictures from the past month and try to remember what all we did. Enjoy! 

Canaan: Ten Months

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Canaan: Nine Months

It's official. Canaan has been out of me longer than he was in me, and for some reason that was really hard for me to accept. I felt like the anticipation of meeting him made the nine months of pregnancy drag on for so long that I can't believe that the past nine months went by so quickly. 
They say the days are long but the years fly by, and that is so true! 

This nine month photo shoot is a true depiction of this stage of Canaan's life. He is always on the move and into everything. He hardly sits still long enough to nurse, and taking a few cute pictures was no different. 

Unlike every other month, these picture were taken 2 days late because we were in Rhode Island when he turned nine months, and I wanted to do the monthly pictures with his teddy bear in his rocking chair. Totally a first time mom thing - I know, but I am committed! Haha! 

Random Favorites (May)

Friday, May 11, 2018

Random Favorites (April)

Shotgun and UGA pajamas at Walmart! 


Canaan: Eight Months

This sweet son of ours is so happy all the time! Everyone always comments on how sweet and happy and smiley he is! Oh, I could go on and on with how in love we are! 

His seventh months brought leap and bounds of growth! If there was a milestone, he wanted to hit it! It was like our infant became a baby in just a few weeks! 

Easter 2018

Canaan's first Easter was so sweet! The Easter bunny brought him a fun basket filled with some practical things and some fun things! 

We enjoyed a great church service and festival at a local church with our neighbors and cousin's family, and Easter Day we went to Angela and Steve's for a delicious potluck!

Here are more pictures from our first Easter as a family of 3...