Friday, May 11, 2018

Random Favorites (April)

Shotgun and UGA pajamas at Walmart! 


Canaan: Eight Months

This sweet son of ours is so happy all the time! Everyone always comments on how sweet and happy and smiley he is! Oh, I could go on and on with how in love we are! 

His seventh months brought leap and bounds of growth! If there was a milestone, he wanted to hit it! It was like our infant became a baby in just a few weeks! 

Easter 2018

Canaan's first Easter was so sweet! The Easter bunny brought him a fun basket filled with some practical things and some fun things! 

We enjoyed a great church service and festival at a local church with our neighbors and cousin's family, and Easter Day we went to Angela and Steve's for a delicious potluck!

Here are more pictures from our first Easter as a family of 3...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Canaan: Seven Months

Seven? Ugh! It hurts to type it! How is he already SEVEN months old!? 


Random Favorites (March)

Every month minute we fall more in love with our sweet Canaan. 
March was filled with lots of milestones and memories! It was fun looking back at these pictures while crafting this quick post! This chapter of life is flying by faster than I ever imagined, so it is nice to set time aside to organize these memories so we can cherish them for years to come. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Helmet Head #2

I updated the blog recently about our helmet experience. (You can read that post here!)

Long story short, Canaan outgrew the first helmet before his head was finished reshaping, so we are in the process of getting his second helmet made. Insurance has approved the second helmet, and he got his measurements taken last week. We go on March 12 to have him fitted in the new helmet, and he will be in it until we are satisfied with his head shape. (Hopefully 4-8 weeks)

Random Favorites (February)

Shane snapped this on his way to work one morning. 

He looks like such a big boy watching cartoons in Daddy's bed! 

Here are more February favorites...