Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bucket List Scratch Off: Ride A Horse

I have always wanted to ride a horse. I don't know why, I just figure every girl raised in the South should ride a horse... right? When I first met Shane, a little over 3 years ago, he told me he used to ride horses. I immediately said, "Please take me to ride a horse." He warned me it was a bit over-rated, but I was adamant! Several occasions have passed since then, such as birthdays and anniversaries and we have yet to ride a horse. 
When we were planning our honeymoon, I told him, "I don't care where we go... I just want to ride a horse." He and the travel agent planned the most amazing trip to Cancun. I could not dream of a better vacation spot than The Dreams Resort where we stayed. It was INCREDIBLE. It was not until we were there that we were informed that they stopped offering the horseback riding (2 weeks prior) due to the "mess left on the beach". So... on my bucket list it stayed. But, I was not deterred. 
A few weeks ago, I mentioned my desire to ride a horse in a Facebook post, and my dear friend Kayla invited me to come to her house. 
I finally got to ride a beautiful horse. Sammie was his name. Kayla was so sweet to teach me a little bit about horses, and then it was the moment I had waited for. Here are some pictures of my first time riding a horse. 

I can't  believe I washed my hand off in this water trough. 
THAT is pretty gross. 

This was my view from the horse. I felt so high off the ground. 

I fed the horses out of my hand.

I brushed Sammie to bond with him before I rode him. 
I learned that you should do everything from the left side of the horse. 

Meet Sammie. 


I had a great time. I am surprisingly sore today, but I can't wait to do it again!!

The Jockey (in training)