Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Boyd Family

Oh how we love the Boyd family. I met Jenny at LA Fitness when we first moved to Covington, and at the time Shane and I were looking for a church in the area. She invited us to her church, and we have loved them ever since. They have supported our marriage and given us guidance and love. They have a beautiful family, and we enjoy spending time with them whenever possible. We normally have to plan Boyd time atleast 2 months in advance, so it is always exciting when our worlds come together.

This is Sadie Grace. Last time we saw the Boyds, Jenny was pregnant with Sadie. She is such a calm and sweet baby. She has a huge toothless smile, and they older kids love her so much!

Anna is such a wonderful big sister. She is patient and sweet with her little siblings, and is very helpful around the house. Bo and Eli are all Bo. They run and chase one another, and sping one another around. I will never forget when Bo licked the floor at Moe's. Haha!

Jenny and Maston are incredible Christians, and they have the whole parenting thing down to a science. We are so excited to see them again soon for some GA football!