Saturday, September 28, 2013

Throwback: Wedding Rehearsal

It is crazy to think that a year has already gone by! This time last year I was in tears because I wore my wedding sandals to get my nails done with all the girls, and the nail technician accidentally ruined them with nail polish remover. I was devastated... and perhaps over-dramatic and stressed. Thankfully, my sweet sisters drove all over Gwinnett County 'till they found an identical pair!!

Our wedding was completely DIY projects. We made everything from the redneck mason jars to the arch we stood under at the alter. Shane cut down a tree and made the centerpieces, we painted all the signs... it took a year to make every detail come together, and it looked as though my Pinterest board came to life! We went to Hobby Lobby every Monday after our date night to Moes, and we spent the weekends making crafts. It is so incredible to have so many decorations in our home that were apart of our wedding. With this all being said, you can imagine how many last minute details we had to complete before the big day, not to mention taking all of the decorations to the venue!! I told myself that anything that wasn't finished by the rehearsal dinner was not going to get done, because I didn't want to be up the night before my wedding with a hot glue gun. (Shout out to Cathy Volk and Megan DeLoach for taking over the day of the wedding and making my dreams come to life)

Below are come of my favorite picture from the rehearsal day.

Shane and Russell 

Practice makes perfect

The guys were such good sports

Nylah, Rowan and Isaiah

Shane and his Mom :)

My mom and grandma

Sweet daddy

My shoes hurt my feet so bad :/

My sister-in-laws and mother-in-law


My sweet sisters

Shane and his sisters

I surprised Shane with a 1911. We played The Newlywed Game at the rehearsal dinner, and one of the questions was "How many guns does Shane have" I said "9 + 1 more" ... then I gave him the gun

We had our rehearsal dinner at Provino's. Olive Garden was our first date... so we wanted to stick with the Italian theme, and the local Olive Garden didn't have a private room... so we went with Provino's. 

I gave Isaiah a lock box with a secret combination and his name engraved... he was so excited about it that he slept with it that night. 

Nicole is one of my dearest friends, and she did my hair on my wedding day!

The stall door was in Shane's family barn and all of the wood was from his mom's property. 

These canvases now hang in our master bedroom

Rowan got her first manicure and pedicure... and of course pealed the nail polish off on the way home. 

Screen shot of our last texting convo. I spent the night at my parents house so my Daddy could make me his world-famous oatmeal in the morning. 

Barn door

Wood signs

Unity sand

Shane made the redneck wine glasses

Icing was made to look like tree bark

Groom's cake

I SPY game with disposable cameras



My dad was speechless when I gave him this sweet present. 

I gave Shane's mom a hankie that said "Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams"

Purple, pearls and sticks

Labels on the gift bags

Purple straws

I made the flower girl dresses and the sign Isaiah is holding

Our guestbook was a calendar with our engagement pictures, and all of our guests signed their name on their birthday

Shane cut down this tree and I made my bouquet

"I do" stickers on the bottom of my shoes

Chalkboard sign

Aisle runner

Reserved seats for those forever present in our hearts


Sticks and flowers

We build the arch and Megan decorated it!!

Of all of the decorations we made together... my favorite thing we made is our promise to God to love one another through thick and then.