Friday, January 10, 2014


We added a new addition to our family! I have been asking for a puppy, but Shane is adamant that we don't have time to dedicate to training one properly. We are away from the house for 12 hours a day concentrating on our careers, not to mention our busy weekends... so maybe he is right! He told me he would agree to a cat, but I was hesitant because I haven't had the best experience with cats. They freak me out a little -- the fact that they stare at you and lurk in the corners is creepy... very creepy.

My friend is allergic to her fiances cat, and they needed a home for Shadow. My friend assured me that she is sweet and not "creepy". Shadow is 8, and the shelters wouldn't take her due to her age so I asked Shane if we could have her. We were both reluctant to agree because if the cat didn't get along with Rocky and Polly (or if Rocky confused the cat for a squirrel) then it wouldn't work.

Last night, the cat came over for the first time. Polly was timid around her at first, but she ended up giving her kisses when we told her to. Shadow didn't mind that Polly was licking her! Haha...

As always, Rocky was a different story. Shadow hissed at him and swatted her little clawless paws at him. Rocky was not deterred and kept sniffing the cat. At least he didn't try and eat her!

Eventually, Shadow seemed to warm up to her surroundings. While we unloaded a car full of cat supplies, Shadow explored the house and found some great hiding spots.

Later that night, we decided to change her name. We thought of Ebony or Noel (Kim K.'s middle name), but neither seemed to fit. I narrowed it down to Kimmy or Macy, and called my mom (a.k.a.: my best friend) to make the choice. She really liked Macy, and we did, too!

Macy let me hold her, and she purred in my arms. Not for long though, and then she tried to hide on the stairs by shoving herself into the angle. Haha!

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  1. Aw! I had a cat that looked just like that in college...I, too, had to give him away when I got married. I love a good cuddly cat.