Monday, June 16, 2014

Puppy Love

Shane is so great with all animals... especially our dogs! When he moans and grunts, Rocky will mimic the same sounds. This short video does not do it justice... but it is still very cute!

Notice how Polly comes up and does a howl with no problem, and as soon as Shane pets her she walks away like her job is done.

Here is another cute video of the dogs crawling. It is hard for them to do it well on the hardwood floors. They love ice! 

I love my girls!

My bestfriends and I went to the Sam Hunt concert last Thursday. As always, we had an absolute blast! The AC went out at the bar, but we didn't care. It was fun catching up with them and having a fun night out on the town. We have seen him before, and we are going to see him in Athens to celebrate my birthday in November. :)

Somehow I talked Shane into painting my right hand.

The. people. who. matter. 

The night before we all texted one another using Sam Hunt song titles. 

The girls asked if the could crash at our house after the concert. 
We can't #leavethenighton bc Shane will be sleeping
We will have to turn the #speakers down
Haha... no #houseparty
Thanks for letting us stay so we don't end up in a #copcar
No problem. #comeover

a (long overdue) post

Things have been pretty steady. Shane is constantly studying for the CPA, and I have been really busy at work. Sometimes our weekends are so busy, while other times we are able to sleep in and relax. Here are some updates from the past few weeks.

Recently we took the dogs for a walk and ended up at the tennis courts. Rocky loved chasing the ball and playing fetch. 

He was exhausted after playing and could barely walk home. 

The dogs drank out of the hose.

My sister texted this picture to Shane. How cute is Makenzie? She is getting so big. We are looking forward to seeing her at the beach soon! 

Paul and Ashley FINALLY got married! 

We weren't able to go with the neighbors to the mountains one weekend because we were just too busy. Cass sent me this picture of the boys. They were disappointed we couldn't make it. 

Shane and I go on a date every Monday. A few weeks ago, we went down a road we normally don't turn down, and I saw a bunch of wildflowers. On the way home, Shane went back down that road so we could pick some together. 

We went to Grayson to visit my parents and celebrate my brother's birthday. It was fun playing with Rowan and Isaiah! 

One evening, the dogs were so hyper. They were playing the room and being really rowdy. Shane laid down on the floor, and they both licked him all over before finally laying with him. He whispered to them, and they both finally calmed down. I am still in awe of how great he is with animals.  

I was making dinner one night while Shane walked around the kitchen playing guitar and singing. Not a bad view if you ask me :) 

Yesterday morning I  made breakfast for us. We normally eat breakfast bars, but occasionally I will make him a nice breakfast. 

After Shane studied, he met me at the pool for a few hours, and we enjoyed spending some time together.