Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Animal Update

We have an electric litter box that rakes all the yuck into a little trough, so I don't have to clean the box very much. Last night was my first time, and let's just say it is not my favorite. I think Shane and I will have to trade off on this one!

Rocky and Macy are doing a little better. Macy is pretty territorial which is confusing for the dogs. She will hiss at them for no apparent reason, but Shane reminds me that she is just so small and the dogs' size alone could scare her. She will lunge at them which scares Polly so much. If Macy only knew how sweet Polly was, I think they would be best friends. 

She doesn't have any more flakes, which we think were caused by her stress. She loves nothing more than cuddling with Shane, but I can't say that I blame her ;) 

Rocky gets supervised visitation with Macy. 
She hissed at him shortly after this picture. 

And then he stared at her with this pitiful face and tried to avoid eye contact. 
Poor Rocky... he just wanted some attention. 

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