Monday, October 19, 2015

Jamaica 2015

Jamaica was nothing shy of incredible. We had a wonderful time at the resort and learning about the island and culture of Jamaica. It was so nice to step away from reality and turn off our phones for an entire week. We stayed at the Jewel Paradise Cove in Runaway Bay. The food was delicious!

We loved snorkeling and hiking up Dunn's River Falls. I also loved the leisurely pace of the island life! We slept 12+ hours every night and were treated like royalty all week! 

Carlyle was one of our favorite bartenders! We will also never forget Patrick and Pearson.

They say to go to Jamaica for the marriage you wanna :) 

Climbing a waterfall was such a cool experience! 

We are so grateful for the incredible memories that we made! It is so humbling to have the chance to travel this beautiful world of ours! 


I made a video montage of our Jamaican adventure. Lucky for Shane, I left my phone in the room the night he was called on stage for the Mr. JPC contest. He had to dance, do push ups, flex and confess his love for Taylor Swift in front of over 100 people! He is so shy, but he was a super good sport! I am sure the rum helped! 

Shane also dominated a cupcake eating contest one night, and we won a couple's massage at the spa. How cool is that? The guys had to decorate a cupcake and then the girls had to guess which one our husbands decorated. I knew Shane's as soon as I saw it! 
Then the guys had to eat it to win the massage!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Quick Update

All is going well in the Clancy household! We are doing a lot of little projects to get the house back in shape. We found some patio furniture that we liked, and decided to spray paint it a fun bright color! 

We originally looked for a high top table, but we decided regular chair would be better to use around the fire pit when we host larger groups. Now we have 10 chairs available (not including lawn chairs). We have the 6 adarondack chairs and these 4 wrought iron chairs... perfect! 

Shane and I sat by the fire for hours last night just laughing and catching up. I love the quality time we have around the fire! 

^^^ This is the table before. 

We knew we wanted teal or bright green, and clearly we chose the latter of the two. It is called Green Apple, and it is BRIGHT! It will fade a bit in the sun, and once we add cushions it will not look as "glow in the dark" as Shane calls it! 

I like that it is small and doesn't take up too much of the patio space. 

Shane went out of town on business this week, and I let the dogs sneak up on the bed while he was gone. Hehe! They love on me so much when he isn't around, but when he is home they are all about Daddy! 

Polly laid across my lap and wouldn't let me get up to get ready for work. 

^^^ I sent this picture to Shane, and he said Rocky looks so old. Aww... he does sorta look like a grumpy old man! 

This weekend is filled with chores, errands, a birthday party, a facial, a hair appt... the list goes on! We have a lot to do before flying out to Jamaica! I am so excited to take a vacation with my Boop! 

We are so thankful that our friend Yon will be house-sitting and taking care of the dogs while we are out of town. He is such a great friend! 

As soon as we get back from Jamaica, I will be in full baby shower mode and getting everything ready for my sisters to come stay with me! I have so many surprises planned for them -- they are BOTH pregnant, and I am so thrilled that they are staying with me! 
I am going to pamper them all weekend! 


Friday, October 2, 2015

Wedding Anniversary #3

Three years -- I can't believe it!! What a ride it has been! Above all, I have learned that I am so incredibly blessed to have such a loving and supportive husband! 

I love the idea of taking pictures of our hands every anniversary so we can compare how our hands change throughout the years. No significant changes yet except for the fact that I need a manicure :) 


^^ Three Years 

Leather is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for year three, and I was determined to find something for Shane. He is in desperate need of new flip flops, so I thought leather sandals would be a great gift since we are going to Jamaica soon! 

Call me crazy, but I have wanted a canvas tee pee for a while now so that is what I asked for. I found one on Etsy that I loved! We recently went on a mini-vaca to Blue Ridge and we found this incredible sign at Mercier's Orchards, and I couldn't leave the store with out it. 

I told him the tee pee could wait, so he gave me this sign that gives me chills when I read it. 

// I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. 
I believe in love even when I cannot feel it. 
I believe in God even when He is silent.\\
| Written on cellar wall during Holocaust | 

Our anniversary fell on a rainy Tuesday this year, so we skipped our weekly Monday night date and went to the Marietta Fish Market on Tuesday. It was so delicious! 
The atmosphere is very casual, and the food is so yummy (and very reasonably priced) 

Shane came home from work a little early so he could finish the fire pit. Then we shared a drink before reading our cards and heading to dinner. 

I couldn't find a card that said everything I wanted him to know, so I wrote him a love note and folded it inside.

He is always so thoughtful to get me flowers! 

He had mentioned he wanted this bourbon, and luckily I was able to find it! 

^^ Sweet mirror notes! 

Cheers to a lifetime of happiness with this hunky husband of mine! I can't wait to see what the future holds! 


Our yard has come a LONG way since we moved in just two summers ago! Shane has done such an incredible job. As my Mama says, there is not a thing that Shane is not capable of doing! I love being married to such a handy man! 

He recently added a tin roof to the pergola, so we were no longer able to use our fire pit under that space. We decided to build one, and Shane immediately started researching and creating plans. 

He mapped out how he wanted it using the garden hose. He seemed to considered everything including centering it in the kitchen window. 

He traced where he wanted to dig up the grass. He decided to salvage as much as possible for our neighbors to use and a few pieces for the side of our house that could use it. What a great idea! 

Shane was determined to work (even in the rain) and Rocky sat by the window and watched him all day! 

Our neighbor Steve came to help Shane dig up the grass (which was so incredibly kind of him) and Angela and I went shopping and drank spiked cider. That's my kinda yard work! 

We ended up needing 3 tons of rock for the space. I drove Shane's truck to work twice so I could go pick up the rock for him. I went on our anniversary to pick up the last load, and I jokingly told him that is not the type of rock I expected on our anniversary! Haha! 

I know we will have so many incredible fireside memories, and I look forward to the cooler weather so we can enjoy the fire pit and make s'mores! 

Check out this snap shot of the years transformation. Shane is so talented! 

You can see more of our yard transformation here