Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rowan's First Sleepover

I am absolutely in LOVE with my niece. I would sell my soul to the devil for that sweet child. I think my brother is the only person who loves her more than me, which leads him to be a bit overprotective to say the least. I jokingly asked him at Thanksgiving if she could spend the night knowing he would say "No way". I was shocked when he actually agreed. After checking with Sabrina, we asked Rowan if she wanted to spend the night. It made my heart so happy when she exclaimed "YES!!".

In the midst of excitement, I told her we could paint our nails, play with makeup, make crafts and stay up ALL night. A few hours later I was exhausted, and couldn't believe I said ALL night.

Shane and I had a blast playing with her and laughing at her funny stories. She loves playing pretend, and she has such an incredible imagination. She called our dogs her babies and covered them with blankets and pillows. She said she is scared of ghostis (<-- spelled phonetically). She spells her name R-O-W-N-A, but looks so proud after reciting the letters that its hard to explain she was wrong. She is the tallest 3 year old I've ever seen, and she has the appetite of a teenage boy!

Some funny conversations:

Celeste: "Ro Ro, when the movie is over we are going to go to bed"
Rowan: "But you said we could stay up all night!"
Celeste" (crap... I did say that) "Well the night is almost over and then it is bed time." (fingers crossed she doesn't understand the lack of logic)
Rowan: "Oh... ok!"
Whew... that was a close one!

Rowan: Shane, come help me hide under the bed. I can't fit.
After Shane helped her squeeze under our bed, she said, "Ok... now go count"

If Shane or I got close to finding her during hide and seek, she would come out of her spot and say she had to go to the bathroom and call a timeout. Haha.. so sneaky.

While jumping on Shane at 8:30 a.m. to try and wake him up...
Rowan: Please please puh-leeease wake up and play with me
Shane: I will play with you at 12:00!
Rowan: No!! 1:00!
Shane: (laughing hysterically) Ok... fine!
***It is so cute that in her brain 1 is smaller than 12, so it must be sooner***

When passing BodyPlex where Sabrina is a trainer
Rowan: "That is where Mama classes"

She picked silver and red sparkly nail polish that "even sparkles in the dark"

As always, she picked off all of the polish within one hour even after promising she wouldn't.

We cuddled and watched Rio and "Turtles" 

We made silly faces

and gave sweet kisses

Shane made the first fire of the year

And played the "tummy game" with Rowan. She loved watching him poke his stomach out far. 

After the movie and some snacks, she picked which bedroom she wanted to spend the night in. I was surprised when she picked the only one downstairs because it is furthest from our room. I showed her how to get to our bedroom from the room she picked out and showed her how the motion sensor night light would come on as she walked by. I expected her to come in our room at some point in the night, but she slept from 9:30 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.! Shane heard her knock on the door in the morning, and he let her in/ She crawled in bed and cuddled with me for 30 minutes before she was ready to get up and play makeup. 

This is her showing off her makeup

And grinning from ear to ear

She wanted ice cream for breakfast

She loved cuddling with "her babies" on the floor

And she invited Shane to do everything she did. (She pretty much insisted he do whatever she wanted)

She played pretend with a cookie cutter and sweet Polly let her harass her all morning. 

We made a hand print ornament for her parents

And played on the playground 

Shane was so good at showing her how to climb all around

After stopping at the gas station to stock up on candy for the ride home, she passed out!

We really enjoyed spending time with Rowan. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow. It was sweet to have a small taste of parenthood. We certainly still enjoy giving kids back to their parents. 

Aunt C and Uncle Shane 

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