Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a wonderful time on Halloween in our new neighborhood! We have met so many incredible friends, and it was fun to meet some new neighbors as well! I am thrilled with our choice with our home!

All of the trick-or-treaters meet for a parade and pictures at the tennis courts before going around the neighborhood. We took Polly with us because we knew she would be calm around the kids. We left Rocky and his devil costume at home… bless his heart. He just gets too hyper. During the walk to the tennis courts, Polly saw a 5 year old Iron Man, and she was very scared. Poor thing! Rocky would have freaked!

The kids loved Polly, and they thought she was so cute in her angel ballerina costume.

Shane made a “scary” scarecrow costume, but the kids weren’t deterred. They came right up to the porch and filled their buckets with candy. One boy even hugged Shane. Haha… it was too funny!

Our neighbor hung out with us on the front porch while his wife escorted the kids. Cass and Bryan live right next door to us, and we LOVE their family!

Our sweet Polly

Bryson is the cutest little 4 year old boy! His mouth is full of nerds!

My sweet Cass!! She is such a joy to be around! 
She is rockin' a tiara and a "World's Greatest Mom" sash! 
I wore my owl beanie ;) 
The Owl

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