Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating #QuarterCentury With My Girls

A few months ago, some of my favorite girls in the world came to the house for a girl’s night. We planned to paint and drink some wine, but we got to talking and laughing so much that when we looked at the clock at 10:00 p.m. we hadn't even picked up a brush! We decided then and there that we would always have a girl’s night on the calendar!

We busted out the iPhones and November 9th was the first date that worked for everyone. Since that was right near my birthday, I decided to make it a full on slumber party with all of my best friends! All of my favorite girls in one room was my birthday wish!

We met at my house and drank and ate some appetizers before going to Taco Mac. We had a blast sharing the stories of the first time we all met one another. We laughed and finished each other’s sentences like the soul mates that we are. It is such a blessing to have all of these strong, confident, crazy, hilarious, loud, God-loving girls in my life! Some of my friends weren't able to come, but there is always next time! 

Thank you from the bottom of the most grateful heart for spending your Saturday night with me!

Sarah was just 10 days from her due date! We are so excited to meet Baby Luke!
She is LITERALLY all belly!

My boo thang be cray cray! 

"Can I wear your watch"


Just before truth or dare with "yellow plaid"

Typical. Maybe I will grow up next year ;)


Could I be any more lucky... seriously?! 
One Lucky Girl

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