Monday, December 2, 2013

Sabrina Takes New York

A HUGE shout out to one of my favorite people in the world! Sabrina has the most incredible heart, and her body is pretty amazing, too! She has been apart of my family for over five years now, and I have never met someone as humble and compassionate as her. Don't let the sweet smile fool you though. She has an alter-ego that will whip you into shape. She is a trainer at BodyPlex in Grayson, and she has touched the lives of all who are blessed to know her. The greatest impact she has made is on her own life when she dedicated herself to losing weight and becoming healthy. She lost 140 pounds!

Be sure to set your DVR to record her appearance on The Today Show (NBC) LIVE on Monday, December 9. She will be featured in the Joy Fit Club to discuss her incredible weight loss journey.



One Proud Sister-In-Law

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