Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary

I haven't had a chance to blog about our wedding anniversary, which is pretty sad seeing as though it was 2 months ago. I seldom want to be on our home computer because I associate computers with work, and let's face it... I work more than enough.

We are currently lounging on the couch watching football in the midst of decorating the house for Christmas. I figure while Shane is watching two games at once on split view that I could catch up on some blogging.

On the Friday of our anniversary weekend, I gave Shane his present. Tradition say that paper is the appropriate gift for the first year, so I folded a piece of paper into an airplane and explained to him that we would be taking a private plane to see Athens (where we met and got engaged) from a bird's eye view. Athens will always have such a special place in my heart, and it was cool to see it from a different point of view.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the Gwinnett County airport. After our flight over Athens, we headed back home and hung out for a little bit before heading to Mazzy's, a local sports bar near our house. We enjoyed watching the UGA v. LSU game and drinking and eating yummy greasy food. It was so fun to just hang out!

Sunday we were planning to go to the Skyview ferris wheel in Atlanta because it is on my bucketlist to kiss at the top of a ferris wheel. When Shane realized that the state fair was still in town, he decided to take me their instead so I could cross two things off my list. Go to the fair, and kiss on a ferris wheel. I had never been to the fair before... I know that sounds crazy, but my mom always said it was too dirty! Bless her heart!

The fair was certainly a new experience. I love people watching, and I have never seen quite so many unique people in one place. We rode the cable cars to the far end of the fairgrounds and worked our way back towards the car. We rode several rides, but Shane is scared of heights, so the choices were a bit limited. When we were riding the ferris wheel, Shane kept telling me to sit still so the bucket wouldn't sway. Poor thing...

After the fair, we went home to get ready for dinner. We went to Veni Vidi Vici in Midtown. The food wasn't nearly as good as the Italian restaurant we went to for my 25th birthday, but we had a great time. After dinner, We opened a bottle of champagne and watched our wedding DVD. Shane surprised me with the top tier of our wedding cake, which I didn't know his mother kept at her house for the entire year. What a sweet surprise.

Munca sent us a sweet card


Bucket list scratch off

They brought us a "Happy Birthday" dessert even though we said it was our anniversary 

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