Monday, July 15, 2013

Another busy weekend...

What a wonderful weekend Shane and I had with family and friends. Friday night I got home late from work… gotta love Friday evening traffic in Atlanta. The prolonged commute wasn’t too bad because it gave me a chance to chat on the phone with my sweet Daddy. He is suffering with shingles right now, (bless his heart!) so I was glad he felt well enough to talk for a bit!

When I finally got home, Shane and I had pizza and then headed to Walmart. We had a few things to pick up for Kelly’s engagement party. When we got home we were too tired to pack (go figure). We watched a little TV and headed to bed early instead.

On Saturday we spent the day at Shawna’s helping set up for Kelly and Sean’s engagement party! We had so much fun celebrating with them! Here are some pictures.

Sean's parents were so great! We loved meeting his family!
Sean's festive attire!
Shawna with her sweet puppy Rio!
I am SO blessed to have these two in my life!
Hawaiian-themed shower

Sunday morning we were able to sleep in a little bit before meeting Kelly, Sean and Shawna for lunch at Chili’s. They joined us at our final walkthrough at the house so they could see the new crib. It was great to be able to spend a little more time with them!

We can't wait for this sign to say "SOLD" on Friday!
After the walkthrough, Shane and I headed to BrandsMart with the dimensions for the fridge in hand. We picked out one quickly and then headed home. I had every intention of being productive when we got home, but I decided to take a quick nap instead. When I woke up, Shane had taken down all of the decorations throughout the house. It was so bitter sweet because now our walls and windows are so bare. We packed a few more boxes together, and then I made some dinner before we headed to the Luke Bryan, FL/GA Line and Thompson Square concert.

We stopped at Ingles on the way to get “cash back” for parking. I bought us each a water bottle and forgot the $20 in the U-Scan console. Typical!! Luckily Shane asked me about the money in enough time for us to stop at an ATM, and when I called Ingles they had found the money and said they would keep it at customer service! Crisis averted.

We had a great time singing and dancing at the concert. Live music and people-watching are two of my favorite things… so I always have a blast at concerts! It poured for 15 minutes (Appropriate forecast since Luke sings, “Rain is a good thing…”).I loved every minute of dancing in the rain until I was freezing afterwards and all my makeup was gone! Shane took cover under our blanket--- clearly he is the practical one, but he was nice enough to let me wear his shirt afterwards!  We got home around midnight after a trip to Taco Bell. Monday certainly came too soon, but I am so glad we had a wonderful weekend together!

A kiss before the downpour
Our poor doggies missed us when we were gone all weekend!

S & C

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