Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Update

Shane and I had a relaxing weekend filled with Redbox movies and sweatpants.We slept late everyday because that's what you do when you don't have kids! It's been so rainy lately we haven't been able to do much outside, but after so many days cooped up in the house, we were ready to get out and run some errands.

On Saturday we went to about 20 different locations looking for furniture for the new house. We went to really unique antique stores and pawn shops and took our first trip to Ikea. What a cool place!

We made our way to Brooks to visit Cindilu and Mr. Bill. We ate dinner with them, and then our good friends Russell and Amy came over to show off their ADORABLE son, Barrett. We had fun playing with him and visiting with everyone.

Today we went to some more furniture stores and ended up finding a great deal on bar stools and a kitchen table.The table is unique and casual, but still high quality! The wood tone on the table will tie in our chocolate hardwood floors and the lighter wood of the kitchen cabinets. I am going to have so much fun decorating and personalizing our new house!

This is our new kitchen table. It is a high top, so we got extra chairs for the bar in the kitchen. 

Here are two pictures of our soon-to-be kitchen and the nook where we will put the new table. 

Tonight we are going to spend some quality time together and have pizza for dinner. Nothing is better than a relaxing weekend to lead you back into the work week.

The Young Lovebirds

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