Monday, July 22, 2013

Purchased: Our "Forever Home"

Shane and I are beyond blessed and excited to be in our new house. Saturday was our first night sleeping there. It has been a crazy couple of weeks between my new job, packing and going through the home buying process. Shane gets most of the credit! He packed a majority of the house since I worked so much last week, and he organized all of the loan process, coordinated the movers… the list could go on for days! 

We always leave notes for one another on the mirror... this is the last note I left Shane at the Covington house.
On Friday, Shane had the day off of work so he was able to get some more packing finished and run a few errands before we met at the closing. I got off work around 2, and we went to Starbucks first because we were both just SO exhausted. I must give a MAJOR shout out to Jay Zalauf with Citi Bank and Mo Sanford with Sunrise Reality. They were AMAZING to work with, and I recommend them both! Mo was the realtor we used for the Covington house as well, and he is incredible (besides the fact that he is an Alabama fan)! Jay was such a pleasure to work with. He even brought us each a gift at the closing to congratulate us and offered to take us to dinner next week! What great customer service!

Jay (left) and Mo (right) are THE best!

The closing went flawlessly, and afterwards, Shane and I headed straight to Acworth. I was STARVING, so we stopped for pizza and beer at Johnny’s. When we got to the house, we each unloaded a car full of stuff, and then headed to buy the fridge.

Unlocking our door for the first time. Shane carried me over the threshold!

By the time we got back to Covington, we were both so tired that we decided to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to finish packing before the movers came. I had to head to the new house by 7 so someone would be there for the fridge to be delivered.

I was surprisingly emotional when it was time for me to leave. It was hard to leave our starter home. Shane and I walked back through the house and reminisced about our favorite memories there. We decided to leave a note in the attic.


My sweet parents came to the new house to help do a deep cleaning before the movers arrived. I was so excited to show them the house that Shane and I have worked so hard to purchase.

Here are pictures before the movers came!

Dining Room

Living Room

Living Room


Laundry Room

1 of 4 bedrooms

1/2 of master


Guest Bath (upstairs)

Guest Room (downstairs)

Guest Bath (downstairs)

Curb view


Master Bath

Formal Living Room (we will use as an office)

There is a large bonus room as well that will be Shane's "Man Room"

Shane and I have been saving and praying for a long time to be in a house that we could raise a family in with good schools and still be close to work. We also prayed that our neighbors would be welcoming and we could become friends and have dinner parties and pool days. I am so glad we decided to Let Go & Let God… He is so good! Our neighbors are INCREDIBLE! I met Angela and Stacy first, and they each brought us a meal. They were so welcoming and kind. We invited Angela and her husband Steve over for drinks after they brought us KFC. I am so excited to meet more neighbors and become friends with everyone.

BIG thanks to all who helped us this weekend, especially my Mom, Dad, Shawna and Mr. Bill.

Let the decorating begin…
The Homeowners
P.S. Some of the pictures compressed weird and uploaded sideways... I will try and fix later.







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  1. Congratulations! It feels great to buy your new house, right? I hope you'll be able to cherish your moments here. Hehe! I bet you're up to some renovation projects. Have you started on any of them? Wish I can take a look at them some other time. Congrats again, and thanks for sharing! :)

    Calvin Mordarski @