Monday, July 29, 2013

The Church Search Begins

I stayed a little late at work on Friday and then met Shane at Home Depot (our new home away from home). It is amazing all of the stuff you have to get when you move.

We picked out a rug for the living room, but I still cant find one for the kitchen that has the colors I want to pull from (I want light blue and sage green). After getting garage door openers and about a million other random things, we went to eat at Mazzy's, a fun sports bar near our house.

On Saturday, we slept in and ran a few errands before meeting our friends at Turner Field. We tailgated for a few hours and celebrated Yon's birthday. After the game, we went to his apartment and hung out with some more friends. For the record... I LOVE his girlfriend, Sona! (<-- Yon, I hope you are cool enough to read my blog and see this stamp of approval!)

On Sunday, we went to Watermarke Church with my cousin Renee and her sweet family. Shane and I really enjoyed the message and the music was phenomenal. We plan to visit a few more churches before we make our final choice. It was great to spend some time with family! Reese, Sam and Hayes are SO adorable and well behaved. I can't get over how smart they are! I am always so impressed with them.

We went to Mexican for lunch with them, and then Shane and I continued our never-ending list of errands. We got a dog house, and looked at some pieces of furniture for accent pieces around the house. We got a Starbuck's which gave us that extra boost of energy to do some yard work. I cleaned the inside of both cars while Shane cut the grass, and then our sweet neighbors invited us over to hang out with them outside. We have prayed for a long time for the Lord to lead us to a home in a good community with neighbors that we would be able to call friends... and as always, He never fails. We are going to visit church with these neighbors in the next few weeks. :)

Tonight we have our weekly date to Moe's, and then we are going to get blinds for the last 4 windows in the house. Slowly but surely, the house is really starting to feel like a home!


The Church Searchers

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