Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

Like most of you, these past few weeks have been so busy and chaotic. My last post was just before our trip to the mountains to celebrate my birthday, and since then I have roasted marshmallows by the fire pit on a regular basis, traveled to a wedding, drank too much at neighborhood festivities, enjoyed time with our family for the holidays, traveled to KC to meet my newest niece (Sadie Kay), enjoyed the abnormal warm weather with our pups, earned my CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management), recovered from bronchitis, suffered with terrible back problems ... and the list goes on and on. Here are a few pictures to get everyone up to speed. 

Thanksgiving, Sadie Kay and Christmas deserve a post of their own... so stay tuned! :) 

I plan to do a video montage of our weekend at the cabin. My girlfriends and I love taking funny videos of one another, and Ashley and Lauren sent me their collection from that fun weekend. The montages are simple but very time consuming, so now that things will slow down a bit I hope to create the video. :) 

I first met Sadie Kay via FaceTime, and couldn't wait to fly out to KC to hold her :) I was sick with bronchitis and a double ear infection when I went out there, so that was a total bummer. I was still able to help Tina with things around the house, but I hated that I was sick! 

We celebrated Sona's birthday by a fire pit which is the perfect way to spend an evening in the fall! 

Shane and I traveled to South Georgia for a wedding, and we had a wonderful time with our friends! 
We watched the Georgia vs. Auburn game at a sports bar near our hotel before heading over to the venue. 

We were so glad that Ashley and Seth were able to join us to pre-game :) 

The bride and groom :) 

Typical photo booth poses!

My sweet girls

Our neighborhood is such a blast! We have like 10 couples that we love hanging out with. We did a white elephant gift exchange and partied like we were in college! It was so much fun! 

Shane broke his cup shortly after this picture... like I said, we were partying as if we were in college! 

^^^ Typical. 

The next day was pretty rough. We slept well into the afternoon and struggled to get off the couch. Ugh --- we definitely aren't in college anymore! 

The dogs love a lazy day with me on the sofa!

Rocky is turning so grey! :(

Shane wasn't a huge fan of making pizza with me, but I thought it would be fun to make BBQ pizza at home. I like doing things together :)

BBQ Pizza: Publix bakery pizza dough + BBQ sauce + 
mozzarella cheese + red onion + grilled chicken = YUMMY!

As always, random snaps of Shane and the dogs

Stay tuned for a few more posts to cap off 2015!

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