Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Squad Goals

When I first met Shane, I was in awe of his friendships. I knew he was an incredible man to have such great life long friends. In college, I had friends that were fun (let's be honest --- they were A LOT of fun!!) but it didn't take me long to realize that most of my relationships were circumstantial. I am a big believer that people are put in your life for a reason --- some are meant to be there forever, and some are there for a short time to teach you a lesson. At some point in college, I reunited with my middle school buddy and she introduced me to my "squad". I am forever thankful for my sweet Lauren! She introduced me to my forever friends... my squad.

Each one of us realize that we are blessed beyond measure to have such incredible friendships, and I think that encourages us to make our relationships with one another a priority. We group text regularly, always have a date marked on the calendar for our next adventure, and would do anything for one another! We have celebrated birthdays, new jobs, new houses, marriages.. you name it -- we love to celebrate! We have also supported one another through difficult times by attending funerals, drinking away our latest heartbreaks, praying for each others loved ones. I am so grateful that I have the same friends surrounding me when all is going right in the world as I do when nothing seems to be going right at all. These girls have seen it all, and we love each other more because of it! 

  • We are the annoying girls in the back of the movie theater that brought wine in their purse. 
  • We are the Sam Hunt groupies that knew every word to every song before the world knew his name. 
  • We are the "favorites" and "recents" on each other's phones. 
  • We are the loudest table in the restaurant --- ya know the one that ordered mimosas without OJ at 10:00 AM! 
  • We are the ones dancing. Anytime. Anywhere... that is us. 
  • We are the ones piled in a Prius going through the Taco Bell drive through in reverse. (Sorry Mom!) 
  • We are also the ones that drive hours to stand by your side as you bury a loved one. 
  • We are also the ones that pray with you during times of sorrow. 
  • We are also the ones that support you in any way we can and expect nothing in return. 

These girls know me better than I know myself sometimes. I love that they call me out for my annoying quirks but do it in a loving and endearing way. We accept each other just as we are and never try to change one another --- and that is the key.  

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