Monday, December 28, 2015

Sadie Kay

On Black Friday, my oldest sister gave birth to the sweetest little baby girl! I know everyone says every baby is sweet, but y'all THIS baby is a doll! She only cried once while I was there, and she is just so cuddly! Despite her good disposition and adorable lips, I do not have baby fever! She (and all babies) are still a ton of work! Sadie Kay was 7 lbs and 14 oz, and we first met over FaceTime since my sister lives in Kansas City. Tina moved out there after graduating college, and has been there ever since. In the past 10 years, she has earned a very successful career, and my other sister and her husband work at the same company and live just a few minutes away from them! My heart is always divided with my parents and brother's family in Georgia and my sisters and their growing families in KC.

I was sick with bronchitis when I flew out there, and the plane ride flared everything up to a nearly unbearable degree! To put it nicely --- I was sick as a dog! I went to bed at 7:30 the first night I was there! Ugh --- I got a little better each day, but never got to 100%. Total bummer! I witnessed what it would be like to be a sick mom working from home because I worked as much as possible while I was there since I used all of my vacation time when we went to Jamaica.

I helped my sister cook, clean, do laundry, change diapers, feed the baby, run errands and got her up to speed on some new trash TV that she can binge watch during the remainder of her maternity leave. :) Her husband is a chef, so he took care of dinner most nights. Let's face it, he can cook a million times better than me in half the time :) I did the night shift one night so Tina could get a full night's rest. Whoa! That is no joke!

If you have kids, no need to read this next blurb (but congrats on living to tell the tale!)
If you want kids, you should also skip this blurb. Haha!

Change diaper, Prep bottle. Feed baby. Burp baby, (Possibly Probably change diaper again). Rock to sleep. Try to get back to sleep yourself while being paranoid at every single sound that the baby makes. And now for the real doozy ...  (Repeat this process at least every 3 hours from the start time which means you are lucky to get 2 hours of sleep every 3 hours!!) Perhaps this is the reason why I do not have baby fever after spending a week with the sweetest baby!

Sadie Kay is on the left and Makenzie is on the right! It is crazy how much the resemble one another!

Sammie the Elf and I had fun with Makenzie! She is a wild little thing and full of personality. She has no desire to potty train, can't help but touch the Elf, loves singing "2 little monkies jumpin' on the bed", hates bed time 

Her eyes were rarely open. When SK would open her eyes, Mak would get so excited and come and rub her head. 

Mama's milk. 

Mak loves Jason and Lissa! Jason is great with her, and I know he will be a great daddy to HQ! 

SK and I had a slumber party. I started off with her in the laundry basket, but every single noise made me freak out. I ended up sleeping with her right beside me so I could feel her breathing. OMG --- Shane will kill me if I am this paranoid with our kids! 

I know it is frowned upon to sleep with the baby in the bed because you can squish them! Dang --- I am sure mom's feel this type of guilt all the time. 

 My mom and Justin both got stumped guessing who was who! Do you know?

I can see how hard it is to be productive as a mom! I should have been making a grocery list, catching up on work emails, folding laundry... but all I wanted to do was cuddle SK! 

^^^ So we flicked off our to do list and just cuddled :) 

Mickie had fun going to the park and playing with her baby dolls! 

We went to meet Santa Cow at CFA one morning! We also went to target with both kids --- holy crap! Kids are no joke!

^^^ One last sniff of that sweet baby smell! 

It was great to see family while I was there, and I look forward to going back soon to meet Hadley Quinn! Lissa is about 35 weeks along right now with her first baby! Eeeek ---- so exciting! Once Hadley arrives, I will have 4 nieces and a nephew!! I am sure this attributes to the lack of baby fever as well! One day, y'all! One day!

P.S. Sadie Kay is on the right.

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