Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend Update

This past weekend was very enjoyable. We relaxed on Friday night after a long and hectic work week.

Shane has been sick lately, so I brought the dogs downstairs on Saturday morning so he could sleep in as late as possible. I caught up on some TV shows and made a grocery list while the dogs cuddled with me. 

Here they are both crammed on the couch sleeping. 

Rocky was sleeping on my lap, and when he heard Shane coming down the stairs he made this face like, "Uh oh! We are going to be in trouble!"

Next thing I know, they stole my spot. Haha... typical! 

After a few hours of relaxing, I went to run some holiday errands and buy groceries. When I got home, we put up the Christmas tree. 

I wanted to put it up before we left for our Thanksgiving trip so we would come home to Christmas, but Shane refused to bust out the Christmas decorations before Turkey Day. Ever since then, we have been so busy that we never found the time to decorate. A few weeks ago, I found a few spare minutes to put all of the decorations out except for the tree, so I was so excited to finally decorate it this weekend. Now our house feels so cheerful! 

Saturday night we watched movies and spent some quality time together. 

On Sunday, we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate with my Dad's side of the family. It was so fun playing with my cousin's adorable children. 

How cute is Hayes?

I got to love on my sweet sidekick, Rowan. 

Then my immediate family headed to my parents house to exchange presents. 

That is where I found this picture. My hair was so dark. I think I was a freshman in college... but maybe a sophomore. 

We all had a little sinking spell after a busy day. I snapped this sweet picture of David and Rowan taking a nap before we opened gifts. 

Shane and I go on a date every Monday unless I am traveling, but last night I had a business dinner I had to go to at King & Duke. If you have not had "The Duke" burger... it is an absolute must! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. 
I will do a 2014 recap just like I did last year, and I plan to do this fun survey again, too!

Stay tuned... 

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