Monday, December 15, 2014

A Weekend Full of Parties

After my firm's holiday lunch on Friday, I headed home and finished the work day next to this sweet face. I worked from home for a few hours, and I was so glad to be able to avoid Friday traffic. 

Polly was so playful in the back yard while I worked at the kitchen table.

Shane got home and worked out, and then we headed to Jackson's basketball game. He did such a great job, and he is so much taller than the other kids on both teams. It was so sweet after the game when he came to thank us for coming. He had a huge smile!

^^^ Polly always takes care of Rocky!

Saturday morning we headed south to visit Nana. It has been too long since we have been able to visit her. Shane set up her phone and fixed her TV. We offered to take her to lunch, but she didn't want to go so we just spent a few hours visiting with her.

Munca (my grandma) is also recovering from a stroke. She had a minor stroke recently, and she is in the hospital going through intensive rehab. We stopped by after work last week to visit her after her surgery, but we were not able to visit this weekend because they do not want too many visitors.

Saturday night, we had two Christmas parties. We went to Angela and Steve's for dinner with the Hazelwoods, and after a few hours we went to a White Elephant party at another neighbor's house. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and meeting new neighbors.

Sunday we went shopping at the Outlets. I can't believe I live that close to the outlet mall, and this was my first time going. I will definitely be going back soon for a shopping spree :)

I picked out a new wallet and Shane found some great deals on work clothes.

After doing a few things around the house, we headed out to Gwinnett for Rowan's 5th birthday party. I started calling her Ro-butt (like Robot), and she thought it was so funny to call me Aunt C Butt. She would say it and laugh so hard. I think she liked being able to say butt.

When we arrived at the art studio, she ran up and gave Santa a hug and told him that she loved him. It was really sweet. It is always so fun to see Christmas through a child's eyes. 

She and her 12 friends painted Frozen characters.

Ro loved her tiara! When I would ask her for a picture, she would say, "Wait... let me turn on my tiara!" and then she would push a button so it would blink and light up. Haha!

She loved her cupcakes!

And the icing...

I can't believe this little firecracker stole my heart FIVE years ago.
Oh... I wish we could just freeze time!

^^ Look at that sweet munchkin! When I told her bye, I knelt down and told her I love her so very much, and I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

Then she gave me this big blue icing kiss :) 

On the way home, Shane and I talked about how different our lifestyle would be if we had kids. 
He said "We would have to go home and tuck them in bed and like... pack a snack and stuff for school!" (As if packing a snack is such a huge burden)

 I think we have a few more years to enjoy one another, and meanwhile I will continue to spoil my nieces and nephew and travel with my hot hubby!

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