Thursday, December 11, 2014

Around here lately...

I let the dogs sneak in the best one day last week. 
Shane had just left for work, and I just couldn't say no. 

I met up with my girlfriends after work on Friday night. We met for pizza and then went to the Sam Hunt concert. As always... we had a blast. 

Candace and Ashley spent the night at our house, and Candace snapped this picture on Saturday morning. We let the dogs on the couch like this so their paws don't scratch the leather. They love laying like this and getting their bellies rubbed. Can you tell I am obsessed with these dogs?

My sweet and talented neighbor, Angela, helped me sew this gate for our stairs. It keeps the dogs from going upstairs (on the carpet) when we are at work. This particular time it kept them upstairs when our friends came over for lunch on Sunday. 
The Gillespies are so sweet to us, and we were so happy to host them at our house. 

After lunch, we headed out to McDonough for a birthday party. I got to see some of my favorite girls twice in one weekend and meet Seth's daughters! Score! 

On Monday night, Shane filled my car up with gas on the way to get dinner. While he was pumping my gas, he tapped on the window and this is what I saw. Heart eyes! 
S <3 C

Last night, Shane wouldn't let the dogs on the bed so Polly sat by my side and got pets for a long time. 

Then Rocky came and shoved her out of the way before laying on top of her. 

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