Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Survey

Is it seriously almost 2015? I did this survey last year, and I plan to do it every year to see how the times change. Enjoy!

Making a sign with a sweet quote for our bedroom.
Cooking is not as daunting as it used to be. I enjoy prepping our crock pot meals and freezing them. It makes dinner time so easy and stress-free!

Drinking apple cider with maple whiskey before bed is so delicious!
Reading our blog is fun. I enjoy looking back at our past posts to reminisce.
Wanting to decorate our master bedroom. I know if we don’t do it before we have kids that it will never be a priority. Cool tones. Inviting. Relaxing. I also want to get our diplomas framed and have the fence painted.   
Looking for a church. We started to look when we first moved to Acworth, but when we didn't find one right away we got caught in the motions.
Playing with Jackson and Bryson is so fun! We love those sweet boys!
Wasting water by taking long hot showers isn't really a waste.
Sewing is still not my forte, but my sweet neighbor Angela always helps me!
Wishing good health upon everyone. I also pray that in my lifetime people will be less judgmental and more accepting of others. Maybe it is the hippie in me, but can't we all just love one another? 
Enjoying having time off from traveling lately. Traveling for work can be very exhausting, so it has been nice to have some time at home.  
Waiting to have children. We got married very young, so we still want to build our careers, save more money, travel, and sleep late. (But when are you ever really ready?)
Liking my trash TV shows. :) 

Wondering what the future holds.  
Loving Rocky and Polly. They are such amazing dogs!
Admiring my husband. He is so resilient.
Needing a trip to the beach. Always :)
Wearing leggings and Shane’s t-shirt is my favorite sleep attire.  
Following my own path is a new realization.
Noticing how amazing my girlfriends are. I am so grateful for them.
Knowing I have the most incredible parents on the face of the Earth.
Thinking that my life is pretty great!
Listening to the Bert Show makes my commute a little less painful in the morning.
Bookmarking … hmmm? No time to read lately.
Opening a gift later today from my Secret Santa has me very excited! I love presents and surprises.
Giggling with Rowan is so special. She brings so much joy to my life.
Feeling grateful for my job. It is stressful and exhausting, but very rewarding!
Missing my Uncle Greg. Every. Single. Day. And my sisters. Why do they live in Kansas?

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