Monday, November 17, 2014

To Grandma's House We Go

Shane and I had such a wonderful time taking a road trip to Grandma Clancy's house this past summer. We have wanted to go to the annual Pig Roast for the past couple of years, so I am so glad it finally worked out. 

Prior to this trip, I had never been farther north than Tennessee on the East Coast, so I really wanted to drive so I could see as many states as possible. 

As you can see in the screen shot above, we left around 2:00 a.m., and we got there in time for a late dinner. Shane drove the entire way (round trip)!

Rocky and Polly were so excited to "go for a ride", but towards the end they were over it. 

We laid the seats flat in the Prius and put a blanket over our luggage so they could lay anywhere in the back. 

I took as many welcome sign pictures as I could, and we also stopped and bought shot glasses in most of the states as well. We have collected shot glasses everywhere we travel since we first started dating, and we nearly doubled our collection during this trip. 

Family picture :)

I couldn't believe home many trees I saw on the way up there. It was a gorgeous ride! We listened to music and sang and danced. When we were sick of that, we listened to some different comedians which really helped pass the time. 

Our first full day in Connecticut, we went to visit Aunt Peggy! Her property was incredible. She lives on 160 acres in Rhode Island, and her house was built in 1731. 

I have never known anyone to own so much land! Shane rode the 4-wheeler and followed us on this tour of her gorgeous property. 

In the picture below, you will see me standing on the stairs of an old slave house. It was so moving to stand in the remnants of such a tragic space. 

Of all the things I learned while we were there, I realized I am more of a "city girl" than I ever thought possible. We had to stop and buy me tennis shoes because when they said Peggy lives on a farm they really meant a farm. My Jessica Simpson designer cowboy boots just weren't gonna cut it!

We had a wonderful time meeting friends and family and sharing stories. It was a little rainy and cold the day of the Pig Roast, but everyone still had such a wonderful time! 

Shane loved to be by the lake at Grandma's house. It was so relaxing and peaceful. 

I am so glad I snapped this picture, because this is what we did each morning. We sat in the living room and drank coffee and listed to some really special memories. 

Occasionally, Grandma would stop and say how much Shane looked like his father. When we first got to her house, she look up at Shane and put her hand on Shane's face in awe of their resemblance.

^^ This is Grandma Clancy's house. Isn't it so amazing?!

We went to the casino one day! 

 This cute little ice cream shop was so yummy! The ice cream was very fresh! I think they said it was in the cow just 48 hours prior.

The dogs loved playing outside and swimming in the lake. 

Rocky was scared of this big stick. 

This phone still worked... so of course Shane had to play with it!

When we weren't listening to Grandma's sweet memories in the living room, we sat on the front porch and listened to her! Shane finished his final CPA exam just before we left for this vacation, so it was nice to see him finally relax and have some free time for a change. 

Shane helped with some yard work. 

We played board games one night!

The dogs enjoyed a little R and R as well! 

Shane found where he wrote his name in the cement when he was a little boy.

Grandma was so sweet to let us stay with her! We made some great memories that we will always cherish!

The dogs LOVED Peggy (but don't we all?!)
She knows SO much about animals, and they are just drawn to her kind nature!

We looked through some really incredible photo albums filled with priceless pictures of Shane's family. It was so sweet to hear all of the stories and see some great pictures. 

Mr. Pat and Shane 

The dogs liked playing with one another! 

We couldn't be in Salem without stopping by to say tell Mr. Pat we love him. 
This was such a special moment, and I am thankful Shane asked for me to join him.

We loved spending time with the Diamantini's at their lake house. They are such wonderful friends!

^^ This was Mr. Pat's bike. 

Rocky was so confused by his reflection in this toaster. 

Shawna was able to fly up for one night. We picked her up from the airport after eating at the Diamantini's house, and the next day she rode with us back home. Grandma was so excited she was able to stop by for a night.

When Shawna walked into the house, she said it smelled just as she always remembered.

After many hugs and a hard goodbye, we headed back down South. 

This cutting board was made from the original planks of Hitler's yacht. How incredible!?

We stopped in D.C. on the way home, and I was able to see my friend Heather. She met us for drinks and appetizers. 

Sean took us on a moonlight tour of DC. It was so fun to see the city, and we didn't even have to worry about traffic or big crowds!

It was incredible to stand at the Lincoln Memorial 
the same week I stood on the foundation of a slave house. 

The White House was way smaller in person than I thought it would be. It looks bigger on Scandal (our favorite TV show), and I pass the Governor's Mansion on my way to work each morning, and it seemed very comparable. 
 There were guards on top of the roof.

On the way home, Rocky and Polly had to sit in the very back so Shawna would have space. It was a tight squeeze, but we made it work! 

At one point, we stopped at a gas station and Shane set the pump and we all went inside. 
30 gallons later, we came out to gas pouring out of the side of the car! The pump never clicked off once the tank was full. Shane had to step in a big puddle of gas in order to stop it, so the car reeked of gas the rest of the ride home. It was raining, so we couldn't even put the windows down. Haha! 

We loved every minute of the trip, but it was so nice to finally be back home! We are so thankful that we were able to create such special memories with the family, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon! 

Our next road trip is one week from today. We are headed to Kansas City to visit my sisters! I am so glad we are able to travel so much before we have kiddos ;) 

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