Friday, November 21, 2014

Twenty Six (continued)

As much as I love not having to work on my birthday, I like when my birthday falls in the middle of the week because then you have a valid reason to celebrate the weekend before AND the weekend after. Let's get real though... I don't really need that excuse. :) 

Last year, I celebrated the Big 2-5  with family, my girlfriends, and went skydiving

This year was a little more low key but equally as amazing!

The weekend before my birthday, Shane took my shopping and we went hiking together

On my actual birthday, Shane and I went out to dinner at a new Italian place nearby. I wasn't feeling all that great. Somehow I always seem to get sick around my birthday, but the food was delicious when I ate it the next day!

When we got home, Shane surprised me with this fun cake and sang to me!

Some of my girlfriends and I went to concert in Athens, and it was a blast! Lauren and I hung out all day while we waiter on Ashley and Candace to get off work... Lauren and I got a little carried away. 

I told my Daddy, I did't answer his phone call because I got pretty deep in a pitcher of margaritas. Haha! 

Lauren was sweet to drive us to Athens. Oh how I love that town. I must admit, I did feel kinda old walking through my old stompin' grounds surrounded by a bunch of college kids. 

After the Sam Hunt concert, we went to Mellow Mushroom and then headed home. 

The girls were sweet enough to stop by Ramsey, which is where Shane and I first met. Ramsey is the gym on campus at UGA. Candace helped me find the exact coordinates of where we met, which is also where Shane proposed. 

I peered in the window of the gym and snapped this picture... this is where we met :)

I was doing an ab workout with a friend named Jen, and Shane was doing pull ups with Yon.

^ This is what 26 looks like. 

And my favorite part of the whole weekend is when Lauren and I stopped at a church playground on the way home from the Mexican restaurant and played! It was so fun! 

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