Thursday, November 6, 2014

Summer Snaps

After the post last night, I realized I missed a few great memories. I got a new iPhone through work, so my pictures are a little unorganized at the moment. Here are some snaps worth posting :) 

Shane and I go on a dinner date every Monday. We have done this for years! We are just too tired on Friday evenings, and now we actually look forward to Monday! 

We hosted Brooks' bachelor party over the summer. 

Clearly the boys had a great time! This is a before and after picture. 

I couldn't recap the summer with out posting about this special surprise! Ashley finished her Masters, and we all got together at a restaurant near her apartment to surprise her. She thought she was going to eat dinner with her roommate and their moms, but little did she know we were all their for HER!! 

All this and brains too! 

I am so proud of this girl! 

This was also the first night I met Seth! :) Ms. Mays told me to be on my best behavior, so I don't have a picture with him from this night. 

But then there was THIS night! I was working at home on a Friday evening (go figure), and Shane was doing yard work when I got a call from Ashley saying that they were bored and wanted to come to Acworth to hang out! (You know you live in the freakin' country when Acworth is considered fun) 

After playing board games with these two love birds, we went bowling! 

I love to love on Shane! 

After bowling, we decided we still weren't ready to call it a night. We went to Cowboys and tore up the dance floor! It was so fun to dance! We had a blast! I loved getting to know Seth, and witnessing how happy he makes my friend! 

We were at the pool with our friends/neighbors over the summer, and we decided to go to the Dixie Speedway right near our house. Knowing that we would not fit in, we all dressed up like rednecks. Shane loves his jorts! 

I was on a business trip, and I came home to the gorgeous table. Shane used the legs and chairs from our old dining room set, and he built the table top. The wood and black chairs matches the pie safe my grandma gave us! 

I love sleeping in Shane's sweats and t-shirt... and Rocky loves to dance like this! How sweet is he?

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