Friday, April 4, 2014

Update Through Pictures

I have not had the time to write a post lately. Work is crazier than ever, and we are doing a lot around the house to get it ready for a shower I am hosting for my sweet cousin! Here are some blurry, poor quality pictures to recap the past 2 weeks. 

We surprised Shawna at a fun bar in Senoia to celebrate her 30th birthday. I am taking her to get a palm reading when we can coordinate our schedules... how fun is that?

This couple is so much fun!! 

I had to go into work over the weekend last weekend, and it was so hard leaving these 3 cuties!!

The weather has been so pretty lately, and the dogs have enjoyed playing in the yard. 

My permanent retainer fell out a few weeks ago, so I had to head back to Snellville for an appointment with my orthodontist. I have not seen him in almost 9 years!! I decided to drive by the house where I grew up. This house used to be blue with red shutters and white trim, and we had a small playhouse in the back that my Uncle Greg designed. 

This is random... but took cute not to share!!

We went to Pike's for Shane to get some new trees. In promotion of the first day of Spring, Pike's was passing out wine and snacks!! I drank wine while Shane pushed me around on this cart. I am sure it embarrassed him terribly... but you have your entire life to be old and just a few years to be young!! #YOLO
He is mildly obsessed with yard work. He researches plants and different planting techniques for hours (literally hours). He has done such a great job transforming our yard. Below is a panoramic view. 

You can see the transformation here.

Last Saturday was our year and a half wedding anniversary. We ordered food and watched movies together. :)

Our neighbors love playing in the front yard. We often go over and spend time with them. They enjoy playing with Mr. Shane, and they love hugs and popsicles from Mrs. Celeste. They just got a new basketball goal, and this is Bryson sitting in the box! He is too cute! 

We are having some neighbors over this weekend for a cookout. I plan on working on a huge painting project while Shane studies for his upcoming CPA exam. He will be taking the 2nd of 4 exams on 4/14. He studies a minimum of 2 hours a day on top of working... I am so proud of how diligent and dedicated he is. 

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