Monday, August 19, 2013

We Put The PRO In Productive

I haven’t posted in a while now because we have been SO busy getting the house together. It is finally starting to come along! This past week, we hired architectural landscapers to level our backyard by building a retaining wall. It looks like a totally different yard!
I spent the weekend running errands and organizing while Shane built a pergola. He is so incredibly talented! He drew out some plans and built a beautiful pergola all by himself! I assisted by bringing him beer ;)


After --  "All Decked Out
Day 0 compared to Day 1
Day 1 compared to Day 2
Day 2 compared to Day 3
Angela brought us a piece of her butterfly bush. It is the tall green stem in the back corner... fingers crossed we can get it to grow!
This is Shane's drawing for the pergola
He went to buy the supplies. We had to rent a truck because it wouldn't fit in the Prius.
(We sold his truck this weekend!!) 
He measured and drilled. He had to custom build it around our bay window.
One side was up in no time...
Then the frame was complete

Such a perfectionist...
Almost finished....

On Saturday night, we went with our next door neighbor to another neighbor’s house for a low country boil. It was DELICIOUS. We had such a great time playing Apples to Apples and spending time with our new friends!

On Sunday, I went to church with them while Shane worked to finish the pergola before the rain. Church was incredible. I loved the message, and I can’t wait to bring Shane next week! I have a feeling this is the church that will put our “Church Search” to an end!
Shane worked in the yard in between downpours the rest of the day while I ran a few more errands and organized the house. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the clutter on Saturday, but my sweet mom and grandma came over and helped me tackle my craft room. We have so many bedrooms that I get to have a room dedicated to my crafts and decorations. How fun is that!?
Before -- YIKES!!
After -- All of the decorations are organized by season and I have plenty of space in the middle to set up my card table and create my Pinterest Projects.

I also organized the kitchen cabinets, pantry, coat closet, linen closet, and the infamous “junk drawer”!
This week we are going to hang pictures and curtains and maybe even get the Man Room started! We also need to pressure wash the fence and stain it... maybe we just put the PRO in projects!
Thanks to all my prayer warriors who have been praying for my poor Daddy. He had kidney stones and shingles, but has passed the stone and is doing much better!  

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