Monday, December 16, 2013


So we are 9 days away from Christmas, and I finally have a moment to update about Thanksgiving. Shane and I were so excited to host Thanksgiving at our house. When we purchased the home, we loved the open floor plan and knew it would be great for a crowd.

We had a great turn out. Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle weren’t able to make it because my uncle was in the hospital. He was actually able to go home that day, but he was not well enough to come to our house. 

We sent a ton of leftovers home with Chris. We had plenty of food because everyone brought a dish or two to share.

The list included:
Munca and her “gentleman friend”
Mom & Daddy
David, Sabrina, Isaiah and Rowan
Chris, Paul and Ashley
Matt and Shawna
Cindilu and Mr. Bill

This was our first Thanksgiving together in 2010

I met his family in St. Pete

It was my first time meeting Kelly. 

My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jack live close to his family, so we were able to stop by their house for dinner on our road trip

We celebrated with my family before heading to FL

It was Rowan's first Thanksgiving, and she cried the entire time. Haha... 

Such a little diva. 

This Thanksgiving, Shane made the turkey and it was delicious. 

I came up with this fun idea for everyone to keep track of their cup. 

We recently bought a fire pit, so it was fun to make s'mores!

I had a coffee bar set up.

I had to google what you need for a turkey... haha!

I woke up at 5:30 that morning to make my dishes so they would be out of the oven in time for Shane to make the turkey. I made pineapple casserole, mac n' cheese, pumpkin dump cake, and a few appetizers. 

Shane carved his masterpiece. 

My two favorite men working in the kitchen ;)



Marshmallow smile

My sweet nephew, Isaiah.

Munca LOVES her "handsome Shane"

Sabrina announced she was head to NY to be on The Today Show!

My sweet mother-in-law :)

I am so thankful for Shawna and our friendship

Nana said she is thankful for sunshine, family (mine and everyone elses') and comfortable shoes! 

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