Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I came across our old wedding website today... it seems like so long ago, but then again it has gone by so quickly! I can't believe we have almost outgrown our "newlywed" title. September 29 will be a year!

My sister, Tina, and her husband Justin will celebrate 3 years of marriage tomorrow.

Shane was my date to their wedding. 

I caught the bouquet.. and we were next in line on my side of the family. His sister Shawna beat us by a few months ;)

I asked him to be my date by giving him a tie and wrote,
"Please tie a knot in this tie and wear it when my sister ties the knot"

Soon I will pass on the "newlywed" title to my sister Lissa and her fiance. I had a class with Jason in college, and I set them up on a blind date! They are getting married in October.
My brother, David, and his AMAZING fiance, Sabrina, are also engaged!! Looks like they are the next in line for the title as long as they beat my sister-in-law, Kelly and her fiance Sean to the alter!!
Love is in the air!!
The Newlywed (for now)

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