Tuesday, August 27, 2013

National Dog Day

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I tried posting a blog from my phone last night, but apparently it didn't publish... not that I mind bragging about our sweet doggies again or anything ;)

I find that their distincly different personalities are best described in pictures. So here we go...

They are UGA fans... just like Mom and Daddy

Sweet Polly loves to cuddle... but unlike Rocky she does not shove her self against you and snore loudly in your ear

His ears look like this when he wakes up

They hide together in the closet when storms come, and unless Daddy is home to console them, they stay in there...terrified!

Rocky loves to go where we go... he likes to do anything that anyone else is doing. He is very nosy.

They love car rides with the windows down!

Rocky and I Skyped when Shane and I were long distance.

When I worked from home... this is how Rocky sat until Shane got home from work.

They are Santa's helpers

Polly let's me paint her nails (but hates when we trim them)... she also lets me dress her up ;)

These costumes describe their personalities... Angel and Devil

Rocky hates getting a bath...

But Polly loves it!

Polly sleeps like this

Rocky tries so hard to sit still... but he gets so excited and can't help but jump up and down!

I had to say "squirrel" to get them to look at the camera.

Polly hides under the covers because she isn't supposed to get on the bed
We got them each a dog house... but they are inseperable and always got in the same one anyway, so we returned one of them.
Polly shakes her butt when she is excited... it it the cutest thing! Rocky will run from the other side of the house if he hears Polly's collar jingle because he knows that means she is getting pet. He will run her over to be the center of attention.
Polly plays defense when we throw the frisbee with Rocky... but she always lets him win.
Rocky knows the difference between his "toy" and his "clothes" and can find them in the house and bring them back to you.
Polly always waits for a release command (a.k.a.: permission), and Rocky begs for forgiveness with those big puppy eyes!
The Dog Lover

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