Monday, June 17, 2013

This Weekend...

This weekend was the perfect combination of relaxing and being productive. We were off to an early start on Saturday because we went to both houses for an inspection. We dropped my car off on the way for an oil change, and then grabbed some breakfast at McDonald's! Yum!

You may remember that we put an offer on two houses, and we were going to let fate run its course. Well, we were approved for both, and God turned the decision back over to us. We decided to let the final inspection be the determining factor. Mr. Bill was kind enough to do the inspection. It was so good to see Shane's mom, too! We are officially Under Contract with the house in Acworth and should be closing the 3rd week in July!!

After the inspection, we picked up my car and then went to Best Buy. I recently cracked my phone, so we traded it in for a new one (This is the reason I don't have any pictures from this weekend). We looked at some refrigerators there and got a pretty good idea of what we want for the new house.

That night we enjoyed spending time with my Dad and my brother's family. We had a cookout to celebrate my brothers birthday! His friends were all so down-to-earth and fun, and of course I loved being able to spend time with Rowan and Isaiah.

Shane cut the grass on Sunday morning before we went to church. After our church service, we made some lunch to take to the pool and relax. Mac N' Cheese is one of my favorites! Shane never thinks I can eat all my food (which is most often the case), but he challenged me and said if I ate all of my Mac N' Cheese that we could get pizza for dinner (Pizza is also one of my favorites). 1500 calories later, I won the bet and forced down the last bite of food. By the time dinner came around, I wasn't even hungry! We went grocery shopping together, and it was Shane's turn to pick the movie at RedBox. I fell asleep during it, which is exactly what he will do tonight while I watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian's and The Bachelorette after our weekly date night to Moe's.


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