Friday, July 21, 2017

Canaan Patrick Michael Clancy

Since before we were married, we always loved the name Canaan. At our gender reveal party we found out we were having a boy, but (due to our Trisomy 18 scare) we wanted to wait to name him until we knew he was healthy. 

When we got the good news from the amniocentesis results, I felt sure Shane would be ready to make it official, but he was really reluctant. We considered a few other names, but always came back to Canaan. We wrote our top two names on the mirror in our bathroom, and we practiced saying and writing the names over and over again. Shane even threw darts at a dartboard. Ha!

He is always the one to take his time with decisions, weigh all the options, think things through completely -- and this was no different. It is a lot of pressure naming a child, and when you add the (unwarranted) opinions of others in the mix it can cause doubt. but ultimately we decided to go with the name we have loved all along! 

Shane has 4 names, and since I kept my maiden name, so do I! With that in mind, it didn't seem weird to us to choose two middle names for Baby Boy Clancy. Of course we chose to name him after both of our daddies. 

It was so sweet revealing the name to my siblings and parents. 

We can't wait to meet our sweet Canaan in September! 

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