Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gender Reveal: Baby BOY Clancy

Our dear friends Angela and Steve hosted a gender reveal shower for us on March 11. 
The theme was Wheels or Heels, and the Facebook invitation read: 

Wheels or heels, boots or bows. 
Until March 11th, only the hostess will know! 

By mid-September, Baby Clancy will be in tote. 
Wear pink or blue to the shower to cast your vote. 
Either way, he or she will steal our heart! 
Feel free to bring diapers or baby books to give us a start!

**Brunch starts at 10:30. The reveal is at 11:00 sharp!

Despite having a dream early on that it was a boy, I was completely convinced we were having a girl. 
I didn't really have the mother's intuition feeling per say, but every. single. theory pointed towards girl. Shane believed it was a boy all along -- and he is (almost) always right! 

We had already agreed on a girl name, and I had nearly 800 pins on my Pinterest board for a beautiful baby girl nursery -- then out popped BLUE balloons! 

I was so confused when I tore open the box and saw blue balloons -- It didn't register that it was a boy... I just wondered where the pink balloons were. 

I was 13.5 weeks pregnant at the shower. We found out the gender very early due to my high risk genetic testing panel. 

The lighting wasn't great ... but here are some pictures from the shower. 

We asked Angela and Steve to be the Godparents, and we are so honored that they said yes!

We are so thrilled to have a boy! I hope he looks just like his Daddy!


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