Saturday, June 24, 2017

Around Here Lately...

I am enjoying some free time and relaxation before Baby Boy Clancy rocks our world, so I have not been keeping up with the blog. Here are some pictures to recap the past few months...

We took a trip to Kentucky to go on the Bourbon Trail with our sweet friends Angela & Steve. 

I spent some family time with Renee and Reese which is always so fun! 

We picked out this glider for the nursery. My grandmother, Munca, gave it to us as a gift. I can't wait to nurse Baby Boy and read him books in this chair! 

Shane and I spent a lot of time on the porch this Spring. I am really relishing in the quality time we have together while it is just the two of us. One afternoon, we set under the pergola while it was raining, and I cried a little knowing that it wouldn't be just us for much longer. 
Maybe (just maybe) hormones had something to do with it. 

^^ These pictures were at 13 weeks, so Baby Boy still looks more like an alien than a baby. We got a lot of extra ultrasounds since we were high risk due to our Trisomy 18 scare

We got our house painted and some rotted spots repaired. It was a beige/tan color and now it is a dark greenish gray with white trim. (Paint: Cacoon // Trim: Alabaster) 

Ramsey fell more in love with Shane every day... just like me! 

We got Ram spayed, and she was beyond pitiful! 

When we got Rambo, she was the last thing we needed. Shane was recovering from shoulder surgery, my health was at an all time low, and (little did we know) we were about to get pregnant ... but we have enjoyed her so much! 

At first, Baby Boy stopped moving almost every time Shane put his hand on me. Now, he is able to feel him move very often!

We took a weekend trip to South Georgia for a friends wedding, and Ram insisted on riding like this! 

Wedding date. :) 

Seriously -- she is obsessed. 

I went maternity clothes shopping and picked up a few things, but between my neighbor Shea and my sister Tina, I haven't had to buy much at all! Thank God for friends and sisters! 

Sweet boy! 

Rocky is always by my side and can definitely sense I am pregnant. 

My friend Sona captured this candid shot of my growing bump. 

We are cherishing the lazy mornings while they last! 

I got all new pots, pans and utensils for my first Mother's Day! 

^^ Growing baby bump 

I surprised Shane with a trip to a local Bonsai Garden for lessons. He really enjoyed it! Some of the trees were 300 year old! 

Shane was so sweet on Mother's Day and made me feel extra special! 

We took the dogs to the lake, and Ram knew how to swim without us needing to teach her! 

I spent some time with my nieces which was SO fun! 

My mom retired, and Rowan and I went to her retirement celebration together. 

^^ The sweetest. 

^^ The most naughty. 

^^ Her happy place. 

We celebrated Baby Lee. It is so fun being pregnant with my best friends, Lauren and Kayla! 

^^ Our furry alarm clocks. 

6 month bump

Colton taught Shane how to hold a baby. He said "No Shane, hold her head!" 

Nikki and I are due about a month apart! 

^^ Shane on baby duty 

Rocky loves cuddling his baby brother. 

27 week ultrasound of profile

No doubt he is a boy!

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