Friday, October 2, 2015


Our yard has come a LONG way since we moved in just two summers ago! Shane has done such an incredible job. As my Mama says, there is not a thing that Shane is not capable of doing! I love being married to such a handy man! 

He recently added a tin roof to the pergola, so we were no longer able to use our fire pit under that space. We decided to build one, and Shane immediately started researching and creating plans. 

He mapped out how he wanted it using the garden hose. He seemed to considered everything including centering it in the kitchen window. 

He traced where he wanted to dig up the grass. He decided to salvage as much as possible for our neighbors to use and a few pieces for the side of our house that could use it. What a great idea! 

Shane was determined to work (even in the rain) and Rocky sat by the window and watched him all day! 

Our neighbor Steve came to help Shane dig up the grass (which was so incredibly kind of him) and Angela and I went shopping and drank spiked cider. That's my kinda yard work! 

We ended up needing 3 tons of rock for the space. I drove Shane's truck to work twice so I could go pick up the rock for him. I went on our anniversary to pick up the last load, and I jokingly told him that is not the type of rock I expected on our anniversary! Haha! 

I know we will have so many incredible fireside memories, and I look forward to the cooler weather so we can enjoy the fire pit and make s'mores! 

Check out this snap shot of the years transformation. Shane is so talented! 

You can see more of our yard transformation here

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