Monday, September 21, 2015

Cabin Weekend

Shane and I helped our friends move some furniture to and from their cabin this weekend. It was a great excuse to spend some quality time with them in the mountains. The weather was gorgeous. We love spending time with Angela and Steve, and we definitely love going to their home away from home. Angela said it best -- "The only thing better than having a cabin is having friends that have a cabin" Haha! So true!

^^ Steve and Shane

^^ It was so nice to escape from reality and relax all weekend. 

We went to Mercier's Apple Orchard on Saturday morning, and I couldn't leave the store without this sign. It gave me chills when I read it, and it is a must have for our home.

^^ I plan to write the date on the back of the sign so we can pass it down in our family. 

^^ Let's start by saying that Shane is far too shy and humble to enjoy having his picture taken, but I am obsessed with taking candid shots of this man. I love sneaking pictures of him, and he has learned to tolerate it. 

When I look back through pictures of my loved ones, I prefer candid shots over posed shots because that is the way you actually remember the person. The way he stands, the expression on his face, the subtle grin... those are the moments to capture. 

^^^ It was a great weekend to lounge around and watch football! 

^^ These three white doggies love Shane! 

^^^ My dear Angela 
I love this women and enjoy every moment we spend together. She has the most generous heart and is absolutely hilarious! I always say I want to grow up and be like Angela! Haha :)

Cheers to great memories with great people! 

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