Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life Lately

It was not until I started to draft this post that I realized how busy we have been lately. We both have a lot going on at home and at work. I start traveling again next week, so I wanted to go ahead and do a quick update before things get too crazy! 

Rocky chewed up this ball recently. Shane was not mad because it was his chew toy to ruin... but Rocky thought he was in BIG trouble. 
You can see how guilty he looks in the picture above, and then how submissive he became in the picture below. Poor baby... he didn't realize that we thought it was so funny! We also busted him on our surveillance camera sneaking on the sofa while we are at work. Such a little rascal! 

In my last post, I mentioned that a friend and I were planning to do a 7 day fruit and veggie cleanse. Well... that didn't even last two days. She cheated with a bowl of soup (lame!), and I cheated with this incredible Philly cheese steak! Eating healthy is just not for me. 

My girlfriends and I all met for brunch recently. It was so fun to see everyone. We went around the table and caught up on each others lives. We are so blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends! 

Caitlin treated us to brunch which was so generous of her! She is always so giving and thoughtful! Our next girl's night is at the end of February, and I am so excited for 50 Shades of Mays!

This past weekend, Shane and I helped Munca move into my parent's house. Rowan and Isaiah came over, and it was so good to see them! I asked Isaiah a lot of riddles, and he knew so many of the answers. He also told me all about the water system, and admitted that he has an Instagram! What??!!  I can't handle this! 

Rowan looks so grown up in this picture! 
I told her next time I see her, she better not have grown one bit! 

I took this picture of Shane one morning. Polly loves to lay on him... well really she loves anything about him. She is so conflicted when one of us is upstairs and one of us is downstairs because she is so loyal. 
She is almost 10 years old, and when we think about our next dog I always say I want a full blooded Polly. She is THE. BEST. DOG!

How cute are they?

I took the dogs to Kennesaw Mnt. this weekend, and I will not do that again without Shane. Rocky gets way too hyper, and he doesn't listen to me nearly as well as he listens to Shane. I am working hard to fix this problem, but I will not be outnumbered by the dogs on a hike again! 

This past Monday was a holiday, so it was nice to sleep late one more day :) 
We ran some errands and did a few chores before heading to the movies to see American Sniper. Unfortunately, is was sold out all day long. I hope we are able to go this weekend! 
Instead of our normal Moe's Monday date, we went to a burger place we have wanted to try for a while. BurgerFi is in downtown Kennesaw, and it is delicious! The atmosphere is really fun, too! 

After dinner, we sat out by the fire and enjoyed the nice weather, Shane headed to bed early while I enjoyed relaxing outside with a glass of wine. 

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