Thursday, May 15, 2014

SURPRISE PARTY - Happy 60th, Daddy!!

Better late than never… it has been 3 ½ weeks since we threw my Daddy a surprise birthday party, and I am just now finding the time to post about the incredible experience. We invited my mom and dad to a “Couple’s Shower” for my newly engaged cousin Becca and her fiancé Tommy. My mom was in on the surprise, but my dad had no idea! 

^^^ This is the fake invitation that we mailed to their house. Everyone was in on the secret... except my Daddy of course!! 

He arrived with a wedding gift, and he was totally shocked when I lifted the garage doors and over 60 of his friends and family screamed “SURPRISE!!”. He was even more shocked when he turned around and saw Tine, Lissa, Justin, Jason and Mak!! They flew in from Kansas City to be a apart of this incredible day!

Leah, Susan and Munca :)

The son-in-laws drinking a beer during the toast in the kitchen

60 candles!

My Uncle Tony had a funny idea to have all of the men wear white shirts and khaki pants because that is my dad's signature outfit! 

Papa and Ms. Peggy

Lance, Sam and Hayes

Uncle Tony

Uncle Tony and Favorite Aunt Cathy

Rowan constantly asked about Polly... "Can I see her?" "Can I pet her?" "Where is she?" ... I told her Polly was taking a nap, and she said "Can I wake her up... or at least watch her sleep" Haha... everyone LOVES Polly. When we let Polly out, Rowan was so excited and just laid with her and cuddled her. 

Rowan loves her cousin Makenzie.

And she loves Makenzie's birthday cake!!

Mak loved her smash cake

The dogs always cuddle with Shane if he is laying on the floor.

Polly gives him kisses and then lays beside him. It is so sweet. 

The birthday boy and the devious hosts :) 

I had everyone who attended sign a baseball bat with their name and the year they met my dad. It was so cool to see all of the names of his childhood friends! 

I will post a picture of the bat soon, and I plan to make a scrapbook! 


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