Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update Through Pictures

Here are some pictures to keep you updated on what has happen in the past few weeks. 

Munca gave Shane and I this beautiful pie safe (above) and the vanity (below). I used to sit on the small stool and play makeup and dress up at the vanity when I was a little girl. I always told her growing up that I wanted to have it one day, and she gave it to us as a wedding gift. We finally picked it up last weekend, and she also let us pick out another piece of her gorgeous "early attic" furniture. Every piece has a story, and we are so thankful to display these gorgeous family pieces in our home. 

After a long stressful day at work, I love sitting on the back porch with the dogs. 

My girls and I went to the Brave's game on Friday night. Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time!

I love my sweet Kayla!

Haha... typical. 

Group shot. 

Being silly. 

^^^ This picture was too sweet not to share. 

My friend got married in Covington this past weekend, so Shane and I drove by our first house on the way to the wedding. 

^^^ My hot date!!

We wish Nicole and Justin all the best in their beautiful life together! They are an incredible couple, and he wedding was fabulous! 

Shane and I dropped by Munca's on Mother's day to see everyone and drop off this desk that Shane refinished.  Then we headed to Brooks to spend the day with The Clancy side :)

This is the barn that I blogged about recently. 

Kelly and I had a blast decorating this cake! 

Shane and I took Monday off to spend some time together. We have been unbelievably busy lately, and it was nice to have some quality time and relaxation. He gave the doggies a bath... they look miserable in these pictures. Haha!

My friend Beth is changing jobs... I will miss her so much!

Sorry for the random updates... I will try not to wait so long between posts next time!! 

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